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Hey, everybody, and welcome to the KirbyKrafter page!
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Status: bud


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Scientific name KirbyKrafter
Resistance Lawyers
Attack 10x above average
Mobility 500
Throw 1,500
Digging speed Average
Carrying capacity 1,000
Candypop None

Something interesting

Olimar オリマー Mario マリオ Olimar is Mario backwards in Japanese symbols.

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My favorite game

My favorite game does change from time to time this is updated at 4/7/2014

Currently my favorite game is Phoenix Wright: Dual Destinies or minecraft! I also like Animal Crossing New Leaf, Harvest moon 3d:The Tale of Two Towns, and Skyrim,

Games I love

My favorite character

Simon Blackquill is a character from the Phoenix Wright franchise whos first appearance was Phoenix Wright:Dual Destinies. He was convicted of a murder seven years prior in the timeline(which he confessed to), yet he still gets to work as a prosecutor. He uses psycology to win his trials, on of the most humarous ways he uses it is to control the judge. His only family member is his sister Aura Blackquill which is seen later in the game, and is a friend of one of the main characters Athena Cykes.

My achievements

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