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Note: Unless specially marked, these games are not being developed. I hope I can develop them eventually.

Pikmin: Colonies

This is a Massively Multiplayer Online Game [MMOG] set a little while after Pikmin 2. All you need to play is a Wii or PC, a broadband connection and a Pikmin: Colonies game disc.

Pikmin: Onions

Slotting in between Pikmin 2 and Pikmin: Colonies, this tells the story of the Pikmin hit by a meteor storm. They must fight back extinction and recover the parts of their damaged Onions - without Olimar or Louie. Only on Wii.

Pikmin: Shadow Warp

Olimar and Louie return to the Pikmin Planet, but their dreams of a scientific expedition are shattered when the Shadow Bulborb comes into being. Cut off from Planet Hocotate and with five days to defeat this force of darkness, their only hope is a prototype time travel device. Only on Wii.