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My idea board. Please do not edit it except for minor spelling/grammar mistakes. Please comment on what you think here. Peach Bulborb icon.png I'm Peach Bulborb, and I approve all grub-dogs. (Sysop)

Well, currently I have two ideas to write down. I am writing them down, but I am not planning to launch them until my previous idea is wrapped up and has a bow stuck on top. But, best to have these ideas exit my brain before they are terminated.

User of the Month

This is a very small idea, and not nearly as big as a story serial or the Guild of Bulborbs. However, I was thinking, what if user would every so often vote for who they think should be the user of the month. In the end an admin will collect the votes, and then announce the winner. Then the admin would put a small box with the "User of the Month"'s picture (their avatar picture, like my Peach Bulborb or The President's President picture) and then some date extolling the accomplishments of the user. Users can achieve User of the Month more than once, and in a row. Users (obviously) can't vote for themselves.

Pikmin Fanon's Explorer Group

This has gained inspiration from somewhere else, but has been modified a bit.

Due to the discovery of the Pikmin Planet leaking to the media, fleets of explorers have approached the planet hoping to find treasure and fame. One ship, the S.S. Explorer, has established a permanent space station orbiting the planet.

This space station, called the Pikmin Fanon, boasts living quarters, market space, and two large, glass domes that host a variety of plants. One of these has a wide variety of Pikmin, and scattered around in it are informational computers that have a log on any kind of Pikmin. The other dome has specimens of nearly every species discovered for scientific research.

Hocotate Freight now opens the Pikmin Fanon to the public, offering financing and an exploration ship to anyone who will dock and live at the Pikmin Fanon and then go down to planet and explore for the good of science (and wealth).

Users would start with a rocket ship, a suit, and a name (Captain _____). From there, what happens is up to them!

Users might explore for treasure, logging new Pikmin and enemies they find on the way. Or they might become thieves, never giving anything back to Hocotate and misusing the Pikmin. However, watch out, the police just might catch you!

The possibilities are endless, as you shape your own story through your writing!

Basically, whenever users choose, they can get back onto the explorations, and then tell other users what happens through a captain's log. Everything would be down on pages, nothing like a real video game, but users could discover a new pikmin species or a whopping 20,000 Pokos worth of cash, all in a days work!

Of course, we should have admins regulate. They could be explorers too, but they would take off that hat and put on the police one when needed. A few rules would be: (1) No ADs (absolute dominations). While you may discover a titan boss and beat it, don't become dominant over all of Hocotate and rule the entire world! (2) Log what you discover. Areas, Enemies, and Pikmin should all go on their seperate pages. (3) Have fun, but don't flame at anyone else.

Example Time

  1. ExampleUser applies to join the Explorer Group. ExampleAdmin approves him. ExampleUser then gets a rocketship that he can give a paint job or give the perfect name, he gets the title "Captain ExampleUser", and a page where he writes captain's logs.
  2. ExampleUser chooses to go down to the Pikmin Planet. He logs it in his captain's log. He discovers a new species of Pikmin and a hole which he notes but does not enter. He returns to the station and logs: his captain log, the new area, and the new Pikmin.
  3. OtherExample, a long-time user, sees ExampleUser's log on an unexplored hole. He choose to touch down and enter the hole (again, he writes it in his captain's log). When he exits, he logs in his captain's log and in the database that the hole is now explored.
  4. ExampleUser decides that he wants a source of income besides his explorer's wages, so he opens paint shop. Users can pay Pokos to get their ship painted.
  5. OtherExample sees ExampleUser's shop and decides he would like a new paint job. He pays for a sterling silver coloration. He writes it in his captain's log.
  6. ExampleAdmin discovers that OtherExample did not subtract the cost from his Pokos, and has not subracted costs for quite a while, thus cheating. ExampleAdmin gives OtherExample a warning. OtherExample heeds the warning and stops. This is good, because otherwise ExampleAdmin would have to kick OtherExample out of the Explorer Group if he continued.