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This is Pikpik1248 here,and this is my account page.I have some ideas for Pikmin types.You must ask me first before you can use the ideas:

Cyan Pikmin:Cyan Pikmin have fur covering their bodies,making them immune to freezing,but cannot withstand heat.They can breath underwater thanks to their gill.(Has an Onion)

Green Pikmin:Green Pikmin have two sharp fangs near their cheeks.This allows them to suck the health of an enemy until the enemy shakes it off or a captain whistles it back.It drinks nectar,climbs sticks,and clears out more of an area than other Pikmin types.When it reaches a very high ledge,it will make a lily pad like leaf on it's top,allowing it to glide.It is very light and becomes lighter at flower stage.It carries more than it's original strength when gliding,but only 1 when not gliding.It becomes stronger at flower stage.(Has an Onion)

Orange Pikmin:Orange Pikmin have a fall leaf for a head.This leaf transfers nutrients to it's body that make it immune to radiation and too much light.They are also the only Pikmin able to carry bomb rocks.(Has an Onion)

Lime(light green)Pikmin:Lime Pikmin have glowing skin that proves to be resistant to liquid and toxic gas.They can stay at toxic areas and are anti-radioactive Pikmin.(Born from the Calamansi Candypop Bud)

Light Pikmin:Light Pikmin have hard skin with corners,kind of like a diamond.This makes it immune to lasers,since they reflect off of it's skin.It is also immune to plasma.(Has an Onion)

Indigo(dark blue)Pikmin:Indigo Pikmin have very shiny eyes that are actually glowing.This makes it immune to darkness.It also acts as a good light to areas with either less Common Glowcaps and Glowstems or the solar system won't work.(Has an Onion)

Gold Pikmin:Gold Pikmin have very sharp feet,looking like the Burrowing Snagret's foot.This makes them unable to die on sandy hazards.(Born from the Helios Candypop Bud)

Black Pikmin:Black Pikmin have a bush with a leaf/bud/flower on top.This allows them to camouflage themselves and the crew from enemies.(Born from the Tektite Candypop Bud)

Maroon(dark red)Pikmin:Maroon Pikmin have an igneous rock-like material surrounding their body.This makes them immune and able to survive in lava.(exclusive to Pikmin Labyrinth and Challenge Mode)

Pikmix:The result of two Pikmin types being thrown in a Dual Bud.They come in different forms.(E.G.a red/blue Pikmin is resistant to heat and water)Pikmix can be mixed with other Pikmix to form a double-Pikmix.Try to mix them all.

Here are the modes:

Story mode:Has the player play through the game's story

2 player co-op mode:A 2 player version of the story mode,unlocked when Karrie is rescued in the Desert of Death

Pikmin Labyrinth:a 2 player battle mode

Challenge mode:The player can salvage treasure,harvest enemies,and fight bosses.

Night-time adventure mode:same as story mode but takes place at night,where enemies are stronger and more common.It is unlocked by completing story mode.

There will also be Pikmin types and abilities exclusive to Pikmin Labyrinth.

  • These following types are exclusive:

Sapling:Saplings are spawned at the Onion when the match begins.They are Pikmin that look like Pikmin seeds,are prone to all hazards and do 0.1 damage.They are good to sacrifice at a Candypop Bud.

Brown Pikmin:Brown Pikmin can chew through a Pikmin Labyrinth exclusive obstacle thanks to their beaver teeth:wooden barriers. They can also break reinforced glass barriers.

Mantis Pikmin:Mantis Pikmin have bladed arms.They use those arms to scale holed walls and stay on enemies the longest.

Rose Pikmin:Rose Pikmin have a rose flower,which gives them tough skin.They can walk through brambles and destroy bramble gates.

Wogmin:a parasitic Pikmin that controlled a Yellow Wollywog.Unlike Bulbmin,Wogmin only have resistance to water,but can also resist explosions.They can be thrown very high,but cannot cling onto enemies.

There is only one exclusive ability:that Green Pikmin can dig buried items.They can sometimes use those items.

There will also be items in Pikmin Labyrinth:

+5 Sprouts:gives the summoner 5 sprouts.

+10 sprouts:same as above,but gives 10 sprouts.

Flower:Flowers up all of the summoner's Pikmin.

Ghost:Makes the summoner and his/her Pikmin invisible to the opponent.

Ultra-bitter Spray:Grants one dose of Ultra-bitter spray.

Ultra-spicy Spray:same as above,but with one dose of Ultra-spicy Spray.

Marble Return:Makes the summoner's marble return to their base.

Withering Blowhog:makes a Withering Blowhog appear near the opponents Onion.It explodes into plasma after a minute or when it's defeated.

Swooping Snitchbug:same as above,but with a Swooping Snitchbug.

Boulders:drops boulders near the opponent.

Volatile Dweevil:drops a Volatile Dweevil near the opponent.

Fiery/Watery Blowhog:drops a Fiery Blowhog near player 2's Onion and a Watery Blowhog near Player 1's Onion

Hocotate Ship.makes the summoner's Research Pod steal 3 of the opponent's most valuable treasures.

Pikmin(Red,Yellow,Blue,Purple,White,Bulbmin):makes half of each of the summoner's Pikmin types into the selected type and makes a random Telescoping Pumphog effect happen near the opponent.

Iridescent Glint Beetle:puts a Iridescent Glint Beetle near the summoners Onion.It contains one of the opponent's most valuable treasures.

Burrowing Snagret:puts a Burrowing Snagret near the opponent(explodes into plasma after defeated).

Beady Long Legs.puts a Beady Long Legs at the Opponent's exact spot(same death effect as the Burrowing Snagret).

Ravenous Whiskerpillar:summons a Ravenous Whiskerpillar in the opponent's Burgeoning Spiderwort farm.It explodes into plasma after it either ate off all of the berries on one Spiderwort or it is defeated.

Whistle:Teleports half of each of the opponent's Pikmin types to the summoner.

Positron Generator:releases a zap that kills half of the opponent's Pikmin.

Bomb-rock:drops Bomb-rocks near the opponent.

Careening Dirigibug:summons a Careening Dirigibug near the opponent.