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Hi! I am Pikminwraith. I am new. I am also making a fanon game ( below) for the series and some features will be typed.


Do bosses, enemies, dungeons, and items in each area for both games (GONNA TAKE SO MUCH TIME)

Watch Chuggaaconroy when you are not working on homework, or on the game

To those who see this, watch Chuggaaconroy =D

Pikmin: The Pollution

There are some new features in it. 3 Examples are:

Pikmin have visible statistics (YES I used that word)

Instead of just caves, there are dungeons like dens and huge buildings.

Some New Hazards : Frost, Pollution (Poison that White Pikmin can take a little damage from) and some others.

There will also be 7 areas, some new Pikmin to add like Green and Black, making the total over 10, and many new enemies, like the Bulbfish, Chucking Snitch Bug, and the Toxic Snagret.

Pikmin: Steve's Adventure

That's right! An RPG where you play as Steve! It has Pikmin Villages, Stats, Levels(And stages) and it is a Turn Based RPG (YES I used that term). Levels go up to level 15, but when you level up after that, you go up a stage from Leaf to Bud to Flower, a high 45 levels

Some Links

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Next 3 areas in the game

My 2nd game

Stats in it

EXP Guide for it