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Scientific name RockPikminFTW
Resistance scrubs
Attack Who cares? He's MLG
Mobility Sanic speed
Throw average
Digging speed Average
Carrying capacity 420
Candypop MLG Candypop Bud

Hi, I'm RockPikminFTW, a new user on this site. I love cartoons, video games, and making video game ideas, so I'll be of great help to someone who is new as well. I am a total Pikmin fanboy, but I've only played Pikmin 3. I have started work on a fangame so check it out! If anyone wants to be my friend, just make the template and add it to your page. Anyway, I'll be looking at Pikmin things and playing Smash 4. Feel free to ask me about anything you need!

My Fan Games

Pikmin 3: The Lost Explorer

To Do List

  • Start work on a fan game- Done
  • Make a page for the new Pikmin in said fan game- Done
  • Reach Bud status
  • Make a Dalton's Journal Page


Sprout rank.png

My Signature

#MLGSWAG forever! - RockPikminFTW 13:18, 17 February 2016 (EST)