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Several years after Olimar's last trip to the Pikmin Planet, a terrible epidemic breaks out on Olimar's home planet, Hocotate. Olimar, Louie, and the President are found to be immune to the disease, and Hocotatian biologists realize that the cure must have come from the Pikmin Planet. Olimar and Louie take the Ship to the Planet of the Pikmin, and are accompanied by several doctors and biologists in other ships. Olimar and Louie must find the cure before it is too late...

Day 1

Olimar and Louie arrive at the Planet of the Pikmin, landing on an area Olimar names the Desert of Worry and find the Red Onion. This first day acts as a tutorial.

Day 2

NOTE: This day is mostly playable, but a considerable portion of it is made up of cutscenes.

Early morning, while it is still dark, Olimar hears empty static on his communication link and realizes that the ship has blocked him out of Communication Channel Nine. Noticing that the channel is currently active, he realizes that Louie is secretly talking with the ship. He looks down at Louie's bunk and sees Louie, with his eyes closed on his bed, but definitely awake and talking. A few seconds after Olimar looks down at Louie, Louie stops talking and the communication channel becomes inactive. Olimar pretends to sleep and it becomes active again. The next day, Olimar awakes to find that Louie is already out of his bed. He finds Louie in the kitchen, getting breakfast ready. Olimar thanks Louie, but is not hungry, and he wraps the flapjacks up and puts them in his pocket. Olimar walks into the bunk room and tells Louie he is ready to go. Louie seems surprised at something, but quickly hides his expression and comments that he is also ready to go. Olimar and Louie find some violet candypop buds in a nearby cave and soon they have several Purple Pikmin along with more Red Pikmin, which Olimar begins to record. After recording for a few seconds, Louie calls Olimar over to show him a Puffstool, which he has never seen before. The Puffstool has uncharacteristic glowing blue eyes, which disturbs Olimar. Suddenly, the Puffstool shoots out a cloud of purple gas, turning fifty of the pikmin into mushroom pikmin, also with glowing blue eyes. The mushroom pikmin run at them. Olimar and Louie grab their remaining pikmin and jump into a nearby cave, which has a the same style as Rusty Gulch. They are now safe from the mushroom pikmin, but a Spotty Bulbear begins to chase them. Olimar thinks quickly and throws his flapjacks behind the bulbear to distract it. The bulbear eats the flapjacks, turns green, keels over, and dies. Olimar realizes what is happening and grabs a purple pikmin, flips it around, and slams Louie off of his feet, over the barrier, and into the abyss. A Bumbling Snitchbug with glowing blue eyes flies up carrying Louie and the purple pikmin and drops them onto a high platform. Olimar realizes that Louie can communicate with and control the local wildlife and they have somehow turned him against Olimar and his pikmin. A large group of Careening Dirigibugs with glowing blue eyes surround Olimar and drop bomb-rocks all around him. Louie smiles at them evilly as the research pod comes down and takes him and the purple pikmin away. The eyes of the surrounding creatures stop glowing. Olimar grabs a red pikmin and jumps off the edge, grabbing hold of the Bumbling Snitchbug's arm as a large section of the platform explodes, killing all of the rest of Olimar's pikmin. The Snitchbug is blasted hard with a residual wave of heat and begins to fall into the abyss, roasted. The red pikmin, being resistant to heat, is fine. Olimar swings off the Snitchbug moments before it is roasted onto a remaining edge of the smoking platform. Olimar looks longingly at the daylight streaming through the hole in the ceiling where they entered, but he does not have time to look long, because the supports holding all of the sublevels collapse and soon the entire sublevel is falling towards the ground, which is too far down for Olimar to see. Olimar falls, holding tight onto the red pikmin. He then sees the dirt floor, and on it, a geyser! Olimar pushes off a large chunk of metal, and he hits the geyser head-on, blasting him to the surface. The impact causes the edges of Olimar's vision to begin to darken, and he only manages to turn on his distress signal before he blacks out.

Later, A Little Before Sunset

Olimar wakes up in one of the medical research ships, accompanied by several doctors and the single remaining Red Pikmin. He recounts what happened to them, and they at first seem to be baffled. THen, one by one, they come up with several ridiculous and useless ideas. Amidst the confusion of the doctors ridiculous theories, Olimar runs outside (the Red Pikmin following him) in time to find the now dormant Red Onion lying on the ground next to the ship. He switches to Communication Channel Nine and he finds that he is still blocked from it, but it still is currently active. His communication sensors also detect a strange frequency being emitted from the ship, and he goes to check it out. As he approaches it, it sucks up the Red Onion, releases a time bomb, and blasts off. As the ship flies out of sight, Louie waves through the window of the Pilot's seat, but Olimar does not see it, he has grabbed the Red Pikmin and is already running back towards the other ships. He activates the Emergency Evacuation signal and jumps in the ship he was in previously. He leaps into the pilot's seat and turns on the "Fasten your Seatbelts" sign. He puts the ship on full throttle, creating a scorch mark on the sand, and he blasts up towards the Leafy top of a distant palm tree, seeking cover. All of the other ships but two quickly follow. Meanwhile, the pilot of the craft Olimar is in quickly joins him and takes control of the copilot station. One of the remaining ships blasts off as its pilot makes it to the control room about the time the pilot of Olimar's ship does (it was during both of their lunch breaks). Meanwhile, the pilot of the last ship on the ground, who was trying to fix an engine problem, realizes that there is no time and he blasts off as well, but it is far behind the others. Olimar and most of the other ships make it to the top of the palm tree. The explosion sets off and it blasts the last ship forward. The people inside manage to eject right before it spirals right into the base of the Palm tree, catching it on fire. The pilot of the second to last ship rescues them, but then a shockwave of air reaches the Palm Tree, putting the fire out but sending the ship hurling into the air. It crashes with an enormous impact into the top of the palm tree, near where the other ships are waiting. Everyone makes it out safely, but they have lost their two largest ships and there is no room in the other ones to take everyone back. One of the ships is sent into orbit to establish contact with Hocotate. Olimar and the pilot of the ship go to take their pilot suits off, but their life support systems detect high levels of the poisonous gas. Olimar realizes that the Red Pikmin is releasing Oxygen and he puts the Red Pikmin, who he names Red, into a small space suit to contain the noxious substance. The Red Pikmin breathes a gas which is common on both Hocotate (and its ships) and the Planet of the Pikmin, so it has no trouble gaining air. Olimar goes to bed, exhausted and confused.

Day 3

Olimar sets out to explore the top of the palm tree in the morning with his Red Pikmin, which he has named, Red, following close behind, but as they are walking out they fall out of the ship and roll over onto the ground as it is tipped over by a Giant Breadbug with glowing blue eyes. Olimar gets up to see other Giant Breadbugs pulling the other ships to a large hole in the center of the palm tree. Olimar runs to the nearest ship and grabs onto it. He is dragged but he climbs in and turns the ignition. He quickly activates the research pod to come off of the ship and began letting out a distress signal, but as he turns around he realizes that the ship is full of zombie Pikmin, who begin to attack him. He runs into the living quarters where the scientists sleep and sees all of the scientists tied to chairs and gagged, but the ship's mechanic is still fighting. Olimar grabs him and leads him and the Zombie Pikmin to the control room and closes the door to keep the scientists safe as the ship is shoved partway into the hole but becomes stuck. The Pilot of the ship, who had gone out for an early morning walk, sees the ship stuck in the hole and jumps in, helping to fend off the zombie pikmin. Olimar throws his Red Pikmin out and lifts the mechanic out and offers to lift the pilot out, but he wants to stay with his ship and save the scientists. The ship begins to shake and is about to fall in when the pilot runs over and turns the ignition, straps himself in, and blasts them out of the hole. Realizing that they are outnumbered, Olimar opens the cargo hold door, ows his whistle loudly, surprising the zombie pikmin, and grabs the copilot's emergency controls they slide into the cargo hold. Olimar dives into the cargo hold before the pilot can regain the ship's balance and slams his hand against the emergency jettison button. The cargo hold hurls towards the Earth and Olimar climbs out to the top of it. As the cargo hold nears the ground, a parachute comes out and knocks Olimar off onto the leaves of the palm tree. Olimar looks up to see the last ship dragged into the hole and a huge bomb-rock pop out. The research pod Olimar jettisoned earlier, with the Red Pikmin and the mechanic in it sucks Olimar up and goes as far away as it can before the palm tree blows up. They get away safeley but from the huge crater left in the ground comes the ship that Olimar was originally in, controlled by zombie Pikmin. It begins to fire rockets at him, but the mechanic presses a button and rocket boosters come out of the research pod. The research pod is still eventually hit by a rocket, and one of the rocket boosters breaks, and it falls into a hole. In the hole, and underground river carries them for days while they are forced to eat space food and play checkers.

Day 10

The game skips from Day 3 to day 10, where they hit the shore of the underground river. They come out and Olimar takes the space suit off of the Red Pikmin since it is almost out of air. In the cave they discover a huge full-on candypop bush with green and grey camoflauge-patterned flowers. Olimar throws the Red Pikmin into a flower and it becomes a camoflauged Pikmin the same color as the flowers. A geyser is near the flower and they all go on it. As they leave the hole they are blasted into a grassy area, named the Forlorn Fields. After exploring the area a bit, the hole collapses and gets covered with dirt, making a huge pit. The rest of the day is open to normal exploration.