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Hi! I'm ZoltCat! I only have one game so far, and it's a W.I.P. So far, only Pikfan23 and I are allowed to edit it, but if you think you have good ideas, click the discussion tab on the Pikmin: Adventure of Four to ask and such. I'm still new here, and getting all the help I can will be very useful.

Other websites I'm part of

[1] (my fan fiction)

[2] (my Tumblr blog)

Sooner or later, I will also have a youtube account, but for now, just stories and pikmin fan stuff.

Stuff About Me

Gender: Female

Fave Game: Pikmin, what else? (I also like Spyro and Okami, tho).

Fave Fanon game: So far it's Pikmin: Gold/Silver/Bronze

Fave Pikmin charter: Alph (He's such a cutie <3)

Fave Fanon charter: IDK yet...

Number of Edits: Please look at the Edit Count and type my name because it's just easier.

What I'm good at:

I'm good at coming up with characters and plots/stories. I also come up with neat boss ideas when I'm in a creative mood. The last thing you need to know that I'm good at is art! (OK, not that good, but hey, I'm getting better every day) I draw all of my enemies and such with paint. I'll draw stuff for you upon request, but you have to give a detailed description of what it is you want me to draw.

To Do List

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