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Hey, Cyan piklord 64!

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Yo, welcome to the site! Sorry about the late welcome, it's been kinda dead for a while. You should join the Discord server when you get the chance, it's a great place to talk to other members of the pikmin community live, there's even a fanon channel for ideas and such. — [icon] This message was approved by Neocraftz1553

Hey, um, can you do me a favor? make a sprite for a large cyan pikmin, put a gold crown on top, and put it on my page. thanks! -CP64

Sure, sorry I took so long to respond, life got in the way. Would you like a sprite or a model? — [icon] This message was approved by Neocraftz1553

first of all, it took you 2-3 months to respond, and second of all, a sprite. you know, 8-bit? also, I should probably take down the help signs across the wiki.

Actually, can you tell me how to make a Signature?...and userboxes...and those things that are boxes that say stuff like: Template:P5TU. can you help me with those?

help from other users

I need some one to help on making Pikmin 4: The Wraith's Revenge. I get distracted sometimes.

2019, A new year for me, along with Pikmin Fanon.

I'M BACK!!!!!

Also, after my account being dormant for a while, catching up on school, getting more ideas, and taking a break from Pikmin in general, I decided to get some help! Enter, User:Bronze Buzzbug 152 , User:Blue bulblord 96 , User:Royal wraith 16 , And User:Muave mandiblard 32!

P.S.: Royal wraith has a new PC, and may not be on for a while, and most of the others are just lazy. I would not expect any of them to get on for a while... :(

Article names

Hello! I'm glad you don't mind me renaming your enemies and revising them. Yes, that was me who also renamed those articles, although what I should have done is something like "in this game, this enemy is known as this and does this" in their articles. I can definitely try to think of better names for them for you. I wanted to edit later tonight, anyway. You're welcome, and take care. ~ [icon]Cheepy-Cheepy 

Re:Hello Hello, Montgomery Montgomery

You can remove that "unofficial family" tag by removing the line "fanfam", or the other one like it that tags the family with "assumed family". Some enemies, however, have different families than what is official, such as the Quaggled Mireclops, whose official family is the mireclops family even though we believe it to be the continentia family instead. Putting all the skeeterskates into the skeetispout family is fine, by the way. And yes, I know phosbats are in the aerodentia family now, I just haven't gotten around to fixing that. ~ [icon]Cheepy-Cheepy 

Re:The New Guy

Thanks for the offer, I will gladly ask you to make a picture if I can't find a way to pull through. CarrotStilts1 (talk) 00:53, 19 January 2021 (UTC)


Unfortunately, no, there is no way to contact everyone on the wiki at once. We did have a chatroom, but not anymore. Also, please remember to sign your messages with ~~~~. ~ [icon]Cheepy-Cheepy 


I recommend the cave name being the "Scuttling Sanctum". Also, PLEASE sign your messages. ~ [icon]Cheepy-Cheepy 

Thank you. ~ [icon]Cheepy-Cheepy 


I am not part of the Guild of Bulborbs, so I cannot process your request. Sorry. ~ [icon]Cheepy-Cheepy 

Funny joke

Information yellow.png This is a warning to stop your inappropriate behavior of editing the user pages of others as a "joke".. Cyan piklord 64, please adhere to the rules, or you will be blocked from editing.

Don't do that again. It wasn't funny, either. ~ [icon]Cheepy-Cheepy 


Hello!. If you want to use File:PDW Foundation Dweevil.webp, can you please re-upload it as a jpg or png? Webp/Webms are not really supported well online. Trig - 04:02, 29 January 2021 (UTC)

Re:Grocery List

The to-do list is... admittedly a forgotten page. It doesn't need to be brought to the main page, as it would be better as its own page. The main page is extremely outdated, but it's fine the way it is for now. Unfortunately, I don't think a joke section on the main page is necessary. ~ [icon]Cheepy-Cheepy 

Raging Orodye

In case you're wondering why I rolled back your edits on that article, it's because the Ocular Terrors aren't a family, but rather a group of creatures. ~ [icon]Cheepy-Cheepy 

That's a good point... Hm. I guess just have them be in the orodye family, since "ocular terror family" doesn't sound like a family name. As for the other orodyes, they don't exist. Their creator never finished them. ~ [icon]Cheepy-Cheepy 

Re:$60 plus Tax

Canon enemies in a fanon game don't need to be in the family they are officially part of. Some enemies in Pikmin: Wide World are that way too. ~ [icon]Cheepy-Cheepy .


By typing [[Green Pikmin (miscellaneous)#In Pikmin: Dual Worlds|Green Pikmin]], it will produce this link: Green Pikmin. I usually steer away from doing that, though, because it takes up a lot more space than is necessary, and links like that can be really tedious to type out. ~ [icon]Cheepy-Cheepy 

Edit: I was going to make the lubricant article eventually since I want all the hazard articles to, you know, exist. I can create it for you later tonight if you'd like. ~ [icon]Cheepy-Cheepy 

Gotcha. I'll look over it and edit it if necessary when you're done with it. ~ [icon]Cheepy-Cheepy 

Oh, I know. Taking care of that isn't at the top of my list of Pikmin Fanon priorities, though. ~ [icon]Cheepy-Cheepy 

I have plans for those pages too, don't worry. ~ [icon]Cheepy-Cheepy 

Re:Fusion Earrings

The way I have parasitic Pikmin articles (like Bulbmin, Burrowing Snagmin, and whatnot) set up already does just that, thanks to the infoboxes used on those articles. An example is the Bulbmin article, which uses the enemy infobox and Pikmin infobox templates. There, infobox enemy has grub-dog listed as its family, and infobox Pikmin autocategorizes the page it's on into the Pikmin family category. Furthermore, those kinds of articles are also placed in the Pikmin enemies category, which isn't to be confused with the Pikmin 1 enemies category. And could you please provide some specific examples of what you're talking about in the second part of your message? ~ [icon]Cheepy-Cheepy 

The closest thing I can think of to multiple creatures coming together to form a larger one is the Aggregating Poofspore, but that's merely many of the same creature merging together. When the time comes, the setup for those kinds of articles is to be decided on because for now, I don't know how they should. There is the Armored Antenna Cannon Beetle (one of my favorite enemies on the wiki because of its appearance), but that's a hybrid creature, whose family is the kettlepod family. ~ [icon]Cheepy-Cheepy 

Re:Oneion for All

I prefer my versions of the master rank icons since their coloration is closer to that of the petals of Purple Pikmin and White Pikmin, even if they may be a bit too vivid. Your idea of them having the appearance of being under the effects of ultra-spicy spray is pretty good! I'm somewhat considering incorporating that, although I do like the pink petals there have now. The All Ranks rank is the ultimate culmination of having gotten all the ranks previous, and also having gone above and beyond in editing on the wiki. To be able to even achieve every rank before the All Ranks rank in the first place requires a lot of time and dedication. I'm not so sure about an Onion representing the rank, honestly. I think it's fine the way it is right now. And a Nectar rank... hm. It could be part of sort of an "extra ranks" list, but pretty much everyone would have it since, well, everyone's improving their own writing and the writing of others. ~ [icon]Cheepy-Cheepy 


Thanks for sorting out those last few custom userboxes on KirbyRider's user page. I originally didn't feel like doing anything with them, but you did and I appreciate the help. Userboxes weren't the most important thing to focus on whilst cleaning up the wiki, but at least now they're out of the way and no more user pages are in their category. ~ [icon]Cheepy-Cheepy 

By "removed from the list", do you mean removed from PikminFanon:Project Clean-Up? If so, then I'm pretty sure. If not, it'll be looked over when I go over it with a fine-tooth comb sometime in the future, as a finishing touch. ~ [icon]Cheepy-Cheepy 

You're welcome! ~ [icon]Cheepy-Cheepy 


There's no need for either of those categories, sorry. ~ [icon]Cheepy-Cheepy 

Whether an enemy can harm another enemy is completely dependant on the game. I know some enemies can blow up or crush or shoot other enemies around it, but whether those attacks hurt them can depend on the game. Maybe it's a stupid argument I'm putting up about it, I don't know. Maybe I'll change my mind about deleting it later. As well, if an enemy's attacks can be used to harm another enemy, it could be explained in a specific game's incarnation in that enemy's article. ~ [icon]Cheepy-Cheepy 

Alright, you win, the enemy-harming enemies category will stay. :P Also, I'm not sure if you were aware, but the names Olimar's wife, the President's wife, and Louie's grandmother have in Pikmin: Wide World aren't canonical. And please make Pikmin: Dual Dimension's Magenta Pikmin article link into a link to the universal Magenta Pikmin article. I want to minimize the amount of type- or game-specific Pikmin articles on the wiki, and it would help me if you made that edit. ~ [icon]Cheepy-Cheepy 

Oh yeah, I am well aware of those articles and the "Pikmin Family" category. There's also an entire mess with "Gray Pikmin" and "Grey Pikmin", but "Gray Pikmin" will be the wiki's official spelling of the Pikmin's name. "Grey Pikmin" will then become a redirect to "Gray Pikmin" once all the information's been moved where it belongs. I've been working on other things on the wiki, so I haven't been able to get into that whole mess. Luckily I already got the Orange Pikmin, Green Pikmin, and Black Pikmin articles taken care of, because those were THE BIGGEST messes of Pikmin articles I've ever seen. Duplicate information, sloppy layouts, overlapped infoboxes... it was horrible! Some of the duplicated information had an instance that was more updated than another! I still cannot believe the creation of a Project Clean-Up page was necessary for other users to figure out that problem when I came up with a solution for myself in a short time. If only they saw the Project Clean-Up page we have now. That Project Clean-Up page was child's play compared to the one that exists now. ~ [icon]Cheepy-Cheepy 


I've been looking at the navigation template and achievements page for Pikmin: Dual Dimensions, and, although I realize you're not finished editing either yet, I cannot help but notice many similarities in content to Pikmin: Wide World, even including names the game refers to some of its elements as, such as the names some canon characters have or some of the sprays have. I fully understand that the content of some Pikmin fanon games will overlap and that some users take inspiration from concepts they like in other fanon games, but I'm not fond of the obvious copy-pasting, and then slight altering, of content used for Pikmin: Wide World. Just looking at the achievement page for Pikmin: Dual Dimensions, I can see that there are several achievements listed there that have only changed in name, but not in-game description nor criteria that must be met to unlock them. If you could make them just a bit more original, I would appreciate it. Thanks. ~ [icon]Cheepy-Cheepy 

You're free to copy and paste templates and tables and whatnot; that's what I've always done. I'm just saying they should be cleared of their original content and then used as a blank slate to work from, rather than be changed over time from what they were copied from. Other than that, Pikmin: Dual Worlds is looking good so far! Keep up the good work. ~ [icon]Cheepy-Cheepy 

Re:Dandelions in Disguise

I'm not usually fond of the "rare Pikmin" concept, but I like this one. Considering they're just visual differences, I would just have those details be in the Rock Pikmin article, and in a given area article, mention what variant of Rock Pikmin has a chance to be born. As for interesting rocks from the area, or precious gems or gemstones, I'd say to do whatever you think would be best. It's your game, after all. Although, I would also say to have there be a special Rock Pikmin that is exclusive to every area, even Infinite Ivory and Ebony Empire, just to keep it consistent. Consistency, from the perspective of anyone for anything, is very nice because there won't be any random curveballs being thrown their way. ~ [icon]Cheepy-Cheepy 

You're welcome! ~ [icon]Cheepy-Cheepy 


Huh? Links have always functioned that way, where the text on the left of the vertical bar links to the article, and the text on the right of it is what the link appears as. ~ [icon]Cheepy-Cheepy 


Oh yeah. "Deaf Pikmin", "Beer Breadbug", and some others were not my finest articles, haha. ~ [icon]Cheepy-Cheepy 

Re:Onion O's

I forgot about the Story Serials, actually. Yeah, they would go there too. Also, Onion O's sound like a gross cereal, lmao. ~ [icon]Cheepy-Cheepy 

Re:Lander, Sea Dragon, and Why?

I'll take care of it when I get around to it, but thanks for the offer. Actually, making the Dolphin Lander's article is something I want to do sometime soon, perhaps after I put Pikmin: Wide World's entry into the Slithering Shallock article, which should be done within the next day or so. ~ [icon]Cheepy-Cheepy 

Nice to meet you!

Hello Cyan piklord 64! I am glad you've enjoyed my works! I'm not sure if I would enjoy them now, since hopefully my writing and creative skills have improved, but I am glad to have them preserved as a time capsule of the past. I hope you have enjoyed being a part of this wiki! I look forward to talking more in the future! Best, Wraith[icon]Admin, Bureaucrat 18:06, 22 June 2021 (UTC)

I just saw your last message. I really appreciate it. I'm glad to know that the people here are a compassionate bunch - although I already knew that haha. Wraith[icon]Admin, Bureaucrat

Ugh, why. More work for me. ~ [icon]Cheepy-Cheepy 

I know. And it's nothing personal to anyone. It's just stressful being the one doing most of the work cleaning up the wiki and then having even more tasks piled onto the already massive list of what must be done. ~ [icon]Cheepy-Cheepy 

I'd be happy to help with the cleanup when I can. Let me know if you personally need anything. Wraith[icon]Admin, Bureaucrat 20:45, 23 June 2021 (UTC)

Re: Legacy

Well, I guess you are correct. He did in fact die at the end of Pikmin: Ultimate Doom. I am gonna be honest and tell you that this was a mistake, as I had forgotten about the major points of my old fan game, having created it almost 10 years ago. However, this mistake has inspired me. You'll see, I will make it work. Hehe Wraith[icon]Admin, Bureaucrat 00:36, 25 June 2021 (UTC)

I dunno, you'll have to find out! Just updated the story. ;) Also, you forgot to add your signature to your message. Just thought I'd let you know. Wraith[icon]Admin, Bureaucrat 00:59, 25 June 2021 (UTC)

Re:About the cleanup project

I was just thinking I'd have to do that sometime soon. Might as well do it now, haha. ~ [icon]Cheepy-Cheepy 


Let's be friends. I'll put up your friend userbox on my page if you put up my friend userbox on your page. :P Wraith[icon]Admin, Bureaucrat 15:59, 27 June 2021 (UTC)

What's the fangame "we don't talk about"? Wraith[icon]Admin, Bureaucrat 20:46, 28 June 2021 (UTC)

Re:G o n e

Yes. I know that not leaving a redirect results in a broken link. I do that so there aren't a million redirects and so I can track what I need to fix and update. I was in the middle of editing the article to fix that and the dummy enemy icon and make other edits when you edited the page. ~ [icon]Cheepy-Cheepy 

It's fine. Sorry if I came off as rude or mean in my previous message, I've been feeling inhospitable lately. ~ [icon]Cheepy-Cheepy 

It's not that I've had a bad day or anything. Really it's just a cycle I go through, haha. ~ [icon]Cheepy-Cheepy 


Just so you know, hazard and obstacle names are one of the few things that do not need to be capitalized. Additionally, enemy names that appear in notes also do not need to be capitalized, and evidence of this exists in the canonical Pikmin games. Also, since I see it is a common error in your typing, "it's" is a contraction of "it is". "Its" is the word you often mean to use instead. Just mentioning this because I don't want to begin an edit war on the Funghoul's article. ~ [icon]Cheepy-Cheepy 


Just a reminder that typing {{Template:<template name>}} is redundant, and all that's necessary is simply {{<template name>}}. ~ [icon]Cheepy-Cheepy 

Your Pikmin: Dual Worlds navigation template has links to Wide World. You ought to change those to your game and not Cheepy-Cheepy's. Wraith[icon]Admin, Bureaucrat 20:29, 16 July 2021 (UTC)


So a collective of Nintendo fans all coming together? That sounds pretty interesting. I am in support. CarrotStilts1 (talk) 22:31, 21 July 2021 (UTC)

Good to be back

Hey yeah it's great to see you again, yeah sorry I havent been on for a while, college and also just lost interest in pikmin for a bit, but caught pikmin fever again, is there anything you need help with currently and also sorry in advance I need to remember how to do all the coding again. — I am LoganPikmin and meet my friend Spike Pikmin by Scruffy.png Spiky the Spike Pikmin.

Re:Tournament of Drawing Implements

I suppose it could be fun. I'm just thinking about how few users are active and would want to be part of this contest. I guess we'll see if it could be made official, and see what comes of it afterward. I'm just not sure what the reward could be other than the satisfaction of having won. If it falls flat, then it could just be made into a contest where users draw a picture of an enemy that doesn't have one, to see how they envision it looking. ~ [icon]Cheepy-Cheepy 


can we make a page? – I'm GrandGreenie.png Captenluigi2, and you can now play as Mario!

Re: Rare Flower-based Dye

Hello, I hate to disappoint, but "indigo" is a wiki markup error. I meant to make the text indigo, not say indigo, it is supposed to say Pikmin: Ultimate Doom. Wraith[icon]Admin, Bureaucrat 11:50, 30 October 2021 (UTC)

Re:Pain Brush

I thought categorizing the Spitball Dweevil as a disguising enemy was the best choice outside of putting it into pretty much every hazard enemy category. I imagined that, since it changed color to match that of the dweevil it is borrowing its powers from, it could be considered a disguising enemy. ~ [icon]Cheepy-Cheepy 


Cyan piklord 64 artwork.png

Check out this artwork I made of you ~ Salem

Re:We Wish You a Merry Pikmas and a Happy

Even though those "new" enemies still have the same behaviors as the vanilla ones, they still have unique names and appearances and should deserve their own articles. Which... is silly logic to have, considering some of the enemies in Pikmin: Wide World, but I digress. The enemies that have changed only in appearance, like the Fiery Bulblax and Titan Dweevil, will have sections in existing pages, however. The main page's article count uses this page, specifically the "content articles" section, and I'm pretty sure it has gone up and down with the various changes on the wiki. ~ [icon]Cheepy-Cheepy 

Re:Ok so minor problem

Yes, I did, I am fully aware of this. You would know that if you read the edit summaries on the two infoboxes I edited. It's something I will fix by going through all of the pages I've looked over so far and updating them. ~ [icon]Cheepy-Cheepy 

Yes, it is. And there are fields for that. ~ [icon]Cheepy-Cheepy 

New Discord message

Hey Cyan, I sent you a message on discord you might want to see. Wraith[icon]Admin, Bureaucrat 22:42, 20 January 2022 (UTC)

Thank you!

Thank you for the warm welcome :) Results May Vary (talk) 21:09, 23 January 2022 (UTC)

Re:EFD Subcategory

Unless it's harmless on its own, without the help of the dweevils on it, then it should be harmless. Otherwise, the only category it will be in after being removed from the enemies category proper is the bosses subcategory, and I'd like every enemy and boss to be in at least one enemy subcategory. The Angry Dweevil suffers from a similar case, although it's because there really are no enemy subcategories it belongs in. And thank you, a new welcome image has been on my mind for a while. ~ [icon]Cheepy-Cheepy 

About that request

You probably forgot to do art of my Pikmin, but if you want to you can do them now. - MPA(Talk)

aight you still forgor - MPA(Talk)

Forgor... ~ [icon]Cheepy-Cheepy  17:40, 10 June 2022 (UTC)

Re:The Knight used: Unusual Terrain

Yes, it would be interesting, and no, there should not be a "terrain-modifying" enemies category. ~ [icon]Cheepy-Cheepy  17:40, 10 June 2022 (UTC)


hello darkness my old friend – Preceding unsigned comment added by Bart666bbb (talkcontribs)

Re:Hey, hey, Pikmin

The "Luminous Stemples" are merely Bloominous Stemples but in a different style, and "Glowthorns" are simply wires. You're more than welcome to make them their own things here, though. ~ [icon]Cheepy-Cheepy  16:52, 2 July 2022 (UTC)

You're welcome. That's fine, it'll save me some time and energy. ~ [icon]Cheepy-Cheepy  16:58, 2 July 2022 (UTC)

I would say they're vegetation. But they go out of their way to attack Pikmin, instead of relying on nerve reactions, which would classify them as enemies. Hmm... ~ [icon]Cheepy-Cheepy  19:02, 3 July 2022 (UTC)

Okie. I'll look at them tomorrow! And Springpetals do indeed have white petals. ~ [icon]Cheepy-Cheepy  02:10, 4 July 2022 (UTC)

Re: Ruffles

Sorry about that. I think I did that by accident. I would never do it intentionally. If it is still gone I can add it back. --CarrotStilts1 (talk) 17:00, 5 August 2022 (UTC)

Re: Brokonion

Yeah, cyanpiklord64, the Red Onion with Brittany was destroyed. Not telling you who did it, though. You'll have to figure out that part by yourself... or at least until I tell you who did it in my fangame. I'm so happy that I just joined the fanon, and some of the best Pikmin Fanon members like my fangame! Have a good day, and don't get squashed by Baldy Long-Legs! :) - ZephwIng

What is the Golden Ghoul? Also, where do you think the Red and Blue Pikmin went, hmm? - ZephwIng

Oh, yeah, that makes sense. - ZephwIng


Those pages weren't actively being worked on, they were really just reminders you put for yourself. I figured I might as well just remove them from the under construction category and just tack them onto your to-do list. ~ [icon]Cheepy-Cheepy  02:11, 29 March 2023 (UTC)

Re:Wondrous Discovery

Little did you know that they and many more have already been uploaded to Pikipedia! I already brought them all over here and edited them as necessary to fix cutoff and reduce noise. Thanks for sharing anyway. Also, interesting Donkey Kong Country Cartoon meme in there. ~ [icon]Cheepy-Cheepy  02:29, 22 May 2023 (UTC)

Thank you

I appreciate the warm welcome. It's good to be back. I'm home again. :) Wraith[icon]Admin, Bureaucrat 21:36, 12 June 2023 (UTC)

Re:Room Self-service

Ahoy! There's no need to worry about cleanup, and I've got pretty much everything handled from here. That said, if you come across anything of yours that you'd like to improve, then by all means, go ahead. ~ [icon]Cheepy-Cheepy  13:06, 26 June 2023 (UTC)

Re:Confused Confusing Confusion

Yes. ~ [icon]Cheepy-Cheepy  13:18, 11 August 2023 (UTC)

Re:Enemy ideas

"Creepy Beeb" isn't so much a mistake as it is an inconsistency, in my opinion. Anyway, I'm not sure your idea is really creepy enough to suit the Creepy Beeb. Maybe it could be an ultraviolet lightbulb that can glow to reveal things hidden around it? And the Bubbling Slingnode sounds more like a basic enemy rather than a miniboss. ~ [icon]Cheepy-Cheepy  12:36, 13 August 2023 (UTC)

No problem! ~ [icon]Cheepy-Cheepy  13:50, 13 August 2023 (UTC)

Re:Well gee, I know it's a golden nightmare but

Yeah, I have to clean that up at some point. I was not sleep deprived, it's just that the Mysterious Life-Form page was merged into the Plasm Wraith page. ~ [icon]Cheepy-Cheepy  12:41, 9 September 2023 (UTC)

Return of the King

Did you see? PikFan23 has returned! It's been good around here lately. I've started to get more involved myself. I was wondering, do you have anything cooking right now? Curious to see how Dual Worlds ends up. Wraith[icon]Admin, Bureaucrat