Vile Candypop Bud

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Vile Candypop Bud
Family Candypop

The Vile Candypop Bud is a species of candypop that secretes a lethal toxin.

In fanon games

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In Pikmin: Hybrids

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Pikmin: Hybrids
This article or section presents information pertaining to Pikmin: Hybrids, a fanon game created by Amphituber.
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Vile Candypop Bud The icon used to represent this plant.
Scientific name Unknown
Family Candypop
Areas Dark Poison Land
Caves Deeper Trunk, Blue Depths, Amphituber Lair, Hibernation Colony, Molten Beast Haven, Louie's Kitchen

The Vile Candypop Bud is a dangerous candypop bud that appears in Pikmin: Hybrids as a central story element. It resembles a typical candypop bud but is black and purple with hints of gold. It secretes a potent venom that seeps across the ground and draws Pikmin to it, and not even White Pikmin can't withstand its lethal effects. Pikmin should be kept as far away from a Vile Candypop Bud as possible, and if any begin roaming towards it, whistle to them to snap them out of their fixation. A certain Vile Candypop Bud found in Blue Depths is uprooted and harmless and can be taken for analysis. The Horrible Behemoth is a massive Vile Candypop Bud found in Dark Poison Land.


Olimar's notes

This disgusting plant kills Pikmin with the poison that drips from its petals. White Pikmin are not immune to it. Where did it come from?