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This article or section presents information pertaining to Pikmin V, a fanon game created by En Passant.
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Scientific name Oscapilli essuriens chrysalis
Family Suckerfly
Areas Silent Woods, Sodden Swamp, Mad Jungle
Carry weight N/A
Max. carriers N/A
Seed worth N/A
Health 800

A Whiskercoon is an enemy-like obstacle introduced in Pikmin V. It is a spiritual successor to and implied to be the real of identity of the Burgeoning Spiderwort mold, growing near a Burgeoning Spiderwort and preventing it from growing to produce berries.

The main distinction of Whiskercoons is that they don't spawn naturally on their own; instead, a Ravenous Whiskerpillar that is left alone to eat ten Spiderwort berries will spin a cocoon at the site of the Spiderwort the next day. If the Whiskercoon is not destroyed, it will complete metamorphosis into a Ravenous Whiskermoth the day after. A Whiskercoon also has a health bar and regeneratea 10 health per second.


Brittany's notes

The Whiskercoon is unique among chrysales in that it sits out in the open while metamorphosis occurs. This is because it continues to feed off of nearby Burgeoning Spiderworts using structures remarkably similar to roots. The chrysalis itself is a rather spongy material easily mistakeable for mold due to its flexibility and gooeyness, but nevertheless it is very durable.

Olimar's notes

By itself, it is a complete nonthreat, and those not concerned about collecting nectar or sprays need not bother. Those who are should make it a priority, however, as it is rather durable and, if not destroyed, will transform into a more pestilent Whiskermoth the next day.

Louie's notes

Though inedible, the silk is an excellent material in making tablecloths and napkins.