Woods of Faith (Pikmin: Global Breakdown)

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This article or section presents information pertaining to Pikmin: Global Breakdown, a fanon game created by Zoadra.
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The Woods of Faith is a tropical forest area in Pikmin: Global Breakdown. It is home to Bomb Rock Pikmin. Many Blue Bulborbs appear here. The area has many breakdown patches. This area is not so much thrown off balance, but some areas are irritated.


  • Breakdown Level-10/100
  • Normal Level-40/100
  • Heat Level-70/100
  • Frost Level-0/100
  • Wind Level-2/5


  • Sunny-20%
  • Rain-40%
  • Fog-10%
  • Stormy-0%
  • Scorching Hot-30%
  • Sheer Cold-0%

Important Landmarks

  • Bomb rock Pikmin are found on a small mountain of ice. Not even a scorching hot day will melt this "nevermeltice". You need Ice Pikmin to dig the ice at the bottom to make it go down to where you can walk on it.
  • One of the breakdown patches is broken and there is a swirling mess around it. That liquid had tampered with an ecosystem of Spotty Bulbear and changed them into Ravenous Bulbear.