Wraith Omniverse

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This article or section presents information pertaining to the Wraith Omniverse, a fictional universe based on the Pikmin series, and the original Buildup trilogy, made in the late 2000's by Zoadra, Portal-Kombat, and Sir Pikmin.

The Wraith Omniverse is the fictional universe that the Doom Saga takes place in. It is a vast multidimensional universe with several layers and an extensive three hundred billion year history.


The omniverse makes up several layers, often called planes.

Higher Multiverse

The Higher Multiverse is the highest layer of the omniverse, consisting of millions of planes. The highest plane is the Holy Matrix.

Mid Planes

The Mid Planes exist in a pocket between the Higher Multiverse and the Low Universe. The dark mid plane is the Jikku, and the light mid-plane is the Aesahra.

Low Universe

The Low Universe, also known simply as the Universe, is the physical universe in which Olimar, Hocotate, the Distant Planet and the Pikmin reside.