Yellow Bulbot

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This article relates to the official games. See Pikipedia's "Pikmin Adventure enemies" article for more official information.
Pikmin Adventure
Yellow Bulbot The icon used to represent this enemy.
PA Yellow Bulbot.png
Appearance in Pikmin Adventure.
Family Grub-dog

Yellow Bulbots are robotic grub-dogs that dash in a straight line towards leaders and Pikmin, and have difficulty in changing direction while doing so. Should they grab a leader, they will do one of two things: swing them around and then toss them far away, or toss them into the air to eat them. At a distance, they spew orbs of water at their targets. The only weak spot Yellow Bulbots have is the glassy purple dome on their backs, and on their sides as well in the case of larger Yellow Bulbots. When defeated, a Yellow Bulbot will collapse onto the ground, and explode after a few seconds.

In fanon games

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