Yellow Pikmin Story

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Yellow Pikmin Story
This article or section presents information pertaining to Yellow Pikmin Story, a fanfiction created by Sherpawoman.

Yellow Pikmin Story is a Pikmin fanfiction created by Sherpawoman. It is about a girl playing Pikmin 3.


Pow! A large, fleshy hoof slammed into the ground before me, completely immobilizing me. The beast it belonged to had two more and bore a red fruit on its back.

"Attack! Attack!" I yelled, mashing the throw button. My Pikmin army and I were fighting the Quaggled Mireclops. "We have to get that fruit! We have no juice left!"

The Mireclops shook the Pikmin off it, then proceeded to lash out its long, slimy tongue. Pikmin squealed with fear as they were carried inside its mouth. I groaned–not for the lives of my Pikmin, but because my forces were diminished.

Just then, the Mireclops roared, reaching for the sky, and fell lifeless into the mud, a large cantaloupe and a middle-aged man released from its mouth.

"Yes! Now if we can get back that huge cantaloupe back to the ship in time..." I ordered Pikmin to carry it when a large blue "10" appeared on the screen. "Hurry!" I prompted the creatures, forgetting to whistle the ones not carrying something.


The Pikmin left the arena.


They crossed the pail that functioned as a walkway.




They reached the blue tile bridge.



Upon reaching the other side of the bridge, an idling Dwarf Bulborb snatched some carrier Pikmin and shredded them with its sharp fangs.


I whistled a Pikmin and tossed it on the bulborb's back, squashing it.



They didn't make it. As the explorers lifted off, I watched what I estimated to be eighty Pikmin screaming and panicking below.

"Now I'll have to grow them from scratch. I don't have time for that! And I'm out of juice!" I said to myself, Brittany stating that there were no edible provisions.

The next morning I woke up with this odd feeling. The feeling I was but a small part of the world, and ready to serve my master. I shook off the thought. What master? And I'm not small.

Then I opened my eyes. A gloomy, morning sky stared back at me. It took me a moment to come to my senses and realize I shouldn't be looking at the sky, much less one with towering pine trees covered in snow. I should be in my room, staring at the cream-colored ceiling.

Thinking I had a bad headache and was seeing things, I put my hand on my head–and felt a stem.