Young Fiery Yellow Wollywog

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This article relates to the official games. See Pikipedia's "Fiery Young Yellow Wollywog" article for more official information.
Young Fiery Yellow Wollywog The icon used to represent this enemy.
HP Young Fiery Yellow Wollywog.png
Scientific name Volcanus amphicaris frodendum
Family Amphituber
Areas Sizzling Precipice, Ordeal of Flame
Attacks Crushes Pikmin, burns Pikmin

The Fiery Young Yellow Wollywog is a fiery variation of the Young Yellow Wollywog. It acts and looks almost the same as the standard Young Yellow Wollywog, but its body is perpetually on fire, meaning that only Red Pikmin or a similar Pikmin can kill one. It is the transitional state of a Fiery Wogpole forming into a Fiery Yellow Wollywog. Just like the Young Yellow Wollywog, it will jump forward on land, crushing Pikmin under it. When it reaches a wall, it will change directions. Because of its immunity to fire, it can travel through fire geysers safely, unlike its non-fiery counterpart. It can also swim, but it will become extinguished for as long as it reminds submerged, and as such, it can be attacked by blue Pikmin. It will reignite once it exits the body of water.