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This page contains information relating to Pikmin Fanon's community.

These are Pikmin Fanon's affiliates, in their entirety. All of our affiliates are equally important to us, no matter the order in which they are presented.

Primary affiliates

NIWA Fanon Wiki Pikipedia Pikmin TKB SEIWA
NIWA Pikipedia Pikipedia PikminTKB logo.png SEIWA
Fighting forever for the independence of Nintendo-based wikis! The best place to express ideas about pretty much everything in gaming and pop culture. Pikmin Fanon's sister wiki and the most extensive online encyclopedia about the Pikmin series. The wiki dedicated to documenting the internal files of the Pikmin series. An alliance of independent wikis about the Square Enix games.

Other affiliates

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NIWA affiliates

Nintendo Independent Wiki Alliance

Animal Crossing Wiki icon.png Animal Crossing: Nookipedia
ARMS Wiki icon.png ARMS: ARMS Institute
Dragalia Lost Wiki icon.png Dragalia Lost: Dragalia Lost Wiki
Drawn to Life Wiki icon.png Drawn to Life: Drawn to Life Wiki
Fire Emblem Wiki icon.png Fire Emblem: Fire Emblem Wiki
F-Zero Wiki icon.png F-Zero: F-Zero Wiki
Golden Sun Wiki icon.png Golden Sun: Golden Sun Universe
Kid Icarus Wiki icon.png Kid Icarus: Icaruspedia
Kingdom Hearts Wiki icon.png Kingdom Hearts: Kingdom Hearts Wiki
Kirby Wiki icon.png Kirby: WiKirby
Magical Vacation Wiki icon.png Magical Vacation: Kovopedia
Mario Wiki icon.png Mario: Super Mario Wiki
Metroid Wiki icon.png Metroid: Metroid Wiki
Mii Wiki icon.png Mii games: MiiWiki
Mother Wiki icon.png Mother: WikiBound
Mystery Dungeon Franchise Wiki icon.png Mystery Dungeon: Mystery Dungeon Wiki
Nintendo Wiki icon.png Nintendo: NintendoWiki
Wars Wiki icon.png Nintendo Wars: Wars Wiki
Pikmin Wiki icon.png Pikmin: Pikipedia
Favicon.png Pikmin fanon: Pikmin Fanon
Pokemon Wiki icon.png Pokémon: Bulbapedia
Rhythm Heaven Wiki icon.png Rhythm Heaven: Rhythm Heaven Wiki
Splatoon Wiki icon.png Splatoon: Inkipedia
Star Fox Wiki icon.png Star Fox: Lylat Wiki
Strategy Wiki icon.png Strategy guides: StrategyWiki
Ukikipedia icon.png Super Mario 64: Ukikipedia
Smash Wiki icon.png Super Smash Bros.: SmashWiki
Tetris Wiki icon.png Tetris: Hard Drop Tetris Wiki
Zelda Wiki icon.png The Legend of Zelda: Zelda Wiki
Starfy Wiki icon.png The Legendary Starfy: Starfy Wiki
Xeno Series Wiki icon.png Xeno series: Xeno Series Wiki

Fanon Wiki subsidiaries

Fanon Wiki Network

Fanon Wiki icon.png General: Fanon Wiki
Favicon.png Pikmin: Pikmin Fanon