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Pikmin Fanon is a fan site about the Pikmin series on the Internet with 3,794 articles. Its purpose is to give Pikmin fans a place to write about their fan ideas, and document them as if they were real. These range from ideas about specific enemies or mechanics to entire games. It also hosts real fan-created content that is meant to be played. Pikmin Fanon is a member of the Nintendo Independent Wiki Alliance, a collaboration of independent Nintendo-oriented wikis.



Pikmin Fanon was created on November 1st, 2008 by Rocky0718. At its creation, our wiki was hosted by Wikia and was known as Pikcanon-NOT. It was originally designed to to a collection of fanon creations for the now inactive Pikmin Wars online message board game.[1] Soon Pikmin Fanon began to draw popularity and several fan games were created, most notably the games consisting of the Buildup Trilogy. This made the wiki stray from its original intended purpose, and led to it becoming the wiki we know today.

Independence and Pikmin Fanon

On September 14th, 2010, Pikmin Fanon, along with Pikipedia at the time, moved away from Wikia to become independent. The wikis were then accepted into NIWA on October 8 of the same year. It is during that time that our wiki's name officially changed from the Pikcanon-NOT to Pikmin Fanon.


As of now, Pikmin Fanon has 3,794 articles with 3 active users. Users can create fan games, as well as new Pikmin types, areas, upgrades, etc. To maintain order on the wiki, Pikmin Fanon also has several policies and a multitude of help pages. For newer users, a Beginner's Guide has been created to specifically help with the users get acquainted with Pikmin Fanon. It is being hosted by the Grifkuba network.