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This page contains information relating to Pikmin Fanon's community.
To do:
  • Figure out how to factor in conversations that happen on the Fanon Wiki Discord server. Regardless, only applicable and relevant discussion should apply to a rank's criteria.
  • Also, see the talk page, as there is a revamp suggestion for the "All ranks" rank.
  • Most importantly, ranks above Sprout are too easy to acquire, so they should be overhauled.

The ranks system is used to show how much experience a user has with the Pikmin Fanon. The basic guidelines for rankings are below. Users should not discriminate or judge other users because of their ranking; doing so will result in harsh punishment.

Although only the highest rank should be displayed on a user's profile, every rank up to and including it may be displayed if preferred.

If a user is eligible for ranks sprout through flower, they do not need to ask another user to be able to confirm that they are. For ranks master flower and higher, users must ask another user who has that rank or higher to confirm their eligibility.

The welcome section does not count for the needed amount of sections on a talk page.


The sprout is the lowest rank. It is the initial rank for all users.

Code: {{sprout}}
Sprout rank.png


The leaf is the second rank. It is for users that have at least 100 edits and more than 3 sections on their talk page. Users that are this rank or higher can work on the community game and are eligible to join the Guild of Bulborbs.

Code: {{leaf}}
Leaf rank.png


The bud is the third rank. It is for users that have begun work on at least one fanon Pikmin game idea, have 250 edits, and at least 4 sections on their talk page.

Code: {{bud}}
Bud rank.png

Master bud

The master bud is the fourth rank. It is for users with at least 500 edits, one at least half-finished fanon Pikmin game concept, and at least five sections on their talk page.

Code: {{master bud}}
Master Bud rank.png


The flower is the fifth and second to last rank. It is for users that have at least 750 edits, have either nearly-completed one fanon Pikmin game idea or have started a reasonably detailed second fanon game idea, and have more than 5 sections on their talk page.

Code: {{flower}}
Flower rank.png

Master flower

The master flower is the sixth and last regular rank. It is for users that have at least 1,000 edits, one detailed fanon Pikmin game idea, the game's article having at least four reasonably detailed sections, and each enemy having a reasonably detailed page, and one reasonably long user talk page archive. Only users that have attained this or a higher rank are allowed to give this rank.

Code: {{master flower}}
Master Flower rank.png

All ranks

This special rank, all ranks, is rewarded to those that have gone way above the call of duty in editing here. Exactly what this can be awarded for varies but some general rules are having attained the master flower rank, making over 2,000 edits, having three user talk page archives, and either an extremely detailed fanon Pikmin game idea or two or more reasonably detailed fanon game ideas. Also, the user has to have been here for at least one year to receive this special rank. Only users that have attained this rank can give it out. Additionally, users that have this rank are eligible to become part of Pikmin Fanon's staff.

Code: {{all ranks}}
All Ranks rank.png