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Saving Hocotate Freight
This article or section presents information pertaining to Pikmin: Saving Hocotate Freight, a fanon game created by RuddieTheRedBulborb.
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A BO-10 is a stage rocket built by Alph in Pikmin: Saving Hocotate Freight.



The rocket has four stages. The satellite PNF-404 CommSat and Explorer was launched using this rocket. Space junk is no worry since the stages of this rocket disintegrate once they are separated.


  • Stage 1-This stage is used to make the rocket escape the atmosphere.
  • Stage 2-This stage is used to cover half of the journey.
  • Stage 3-This stage is used to cover the rest of the journey.
  • Stage 4-This stage is used to boost it into orbit or entry.