Carbon Cavern

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Carbon Cavern is an cave in Treto RPG. It is based on Pikmin 2's inclusion of caves, and the Forest Navel.

Sublevel 1

Carbon Cavern Sublevel 1.png Sublevel 1 is a very short one, being the smallest of the three sublevels. after going through the hole, you'll land in the area where the red-yellow-blue mark is. after this, attack the white bramble wall. you should then be able to fight 3 Dwarf Red Bulborbs and find Cherry.

Sublevel 2

Carbon Cavern Sublevel 2.pngSplash! you land in the water and think about it. you then figure out this level is just straight forward, but you need to grab those 2 presents first. you grab the one on the >, and get some Crackers. Then you grab the one on the <, and get a Baseball Bat. go to the next sublevel.

Sublevel 3