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Pikmin Stories: Space Cadets
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For other locations of the same name, see Crash Site.

The Crash Site, or Tree of Life's Garden, is a special area in Pikmin Stories: Space Cadets. It's not a normal area, like others, since it has no wildlife or treasures. The only things in this area are a shop, the Pikshop, and the big Tree of Life.

General Layout

Olimar lands his airship in the southern part of the entire field. It is impossible to take Pikmin out of the Onion since it doesn't land in the ground. Olimar has to walk a straight line trail until he reaches somewhere that looks like a Pikmin Village. It is impossible to interact with the Pikmin here, but the player can see several of them working, carrying things, and some Pikmin in the trees, in small houses that look like made of mud and wood. Inside the Pikmin Village, is the Pikshop. It begins small, with a little wood construction, but can evolve, as the player evolves in their Story.

Walking a little after the Pikmin Village is the Tree of Life's Garden. It is a giant tree with a face that expresses emotions. Its leaves are green, but, during sunset, they can colorful. Around the Tree of Life, when the player first gets here, the ground is covered with dry leaves and is looking dry. But, as the Story evolves and the player began to discover the mystery of the tree, flowers start to bloom around here. Pellets can also appear here, but the player can't obtain them. Also, the player can enter the Tree of Life by his mouth, walk lots of stairs, and look through its eyes like goggles to see all the areas and dungeons in the game already unlocked.

Behind the Tree of Life, is the Training Field. It's a gate that Pikmin control, and, when opened, looks like sending the player to the woods. But, what actually happens is that the player goes to a Menu and can choose what dungeon or cave he wants to play.

Full Info

  • Treasures: None
  • Caves: None
  • Hazards: None
  • Obstacles: Pikmin Counter
  • Requirements: None


There are no enemies in this area.

Treasures & Upgrades

There are no treasures or upgrades in this area.

The Training Field

The Training Field is a special part of The Crash Site. Here, you can train to battle all the enemies that you have already defeated. Here, you can also create your own personalized dungeon to revive the experience and check what Pikmin goes more suited for each dungeon, trap, and enemy battle.


The Pikshop is a special part of The Crash Site. Here, Pikmin that live in the Tree of Life's Garden can sell you several items, that you can buy with Pokos acquired with treasures. The types of items change during your evolution in the Story.