Explorer's Cave (Bulborb bro version)

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For other locations of a similar name, see Explorer's Cave.

This is the first cave you will be entering in the Waste Warfield and in the game. It consists of short sublevels and not a bunch of enemies in this cave. To get to the next sublevel you have to kill the enemy that has the key. This is also the cave where you find Purple Pikmin and their Onion.

Sublevel 1

This is your first sublevel in this cave, so there shouldn't be any troubles here because there are no harmful enemies here. Just a female sheargrub, an old foe who doesn't kill Pikmin. It has the key. There is 1 treasure here.

Sublevel 2

The next level and the second to last. Now we introduce a new enemy and this one can hurt Pikmin: the Dwarf Blotched Bulborb, an enemy that can hide well in the dirt. One of them holds the key. Kill it and get the key to the next sublevel. No treasures

Sublevel 3

The last sublevel of this dungeon. Usually, the final floor consists of a boss but since this is the first dungeon, there is no boss. But there is a new enemy Olimar and Louie never encountered before: the green mealerm. It is a green worm-like creature that eats Pikmin like a vacuum. Luckily, you will find some old friends: the Purple Pikmin! They will be a big help on your journey. Grab the key and build the geyser to get out of there.