Final Fight

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Final Fight is the seventh and final area that appears in Pikmin: Sagittarius' Adventure. It's the smallest in size, but the only structure here makes up for it. No Hocotate files can be found here.


Sagittarius and his Pikmin chase Balim to this strange place in outer space. It has two floating islands, connected by bridges. Balim's castle is on one, and the landing site is on the other. Sagittarius and his Pikmin land on one island, and then make way to the castle. The large doors creak open and they enter. It truly is the final fight...

Pikmin Found

  • N/A


Subarea 1: Landing Island

A regular floating island in space. A bridge to the north leads to the Finale subarea.

Subarea 2: Finale

A small floating island with Castle Balim in front of you. Once you are ready, open the doors and enter.

Holes, Caves, and Structures

Hole/Cave/Structure Name Subarea Floors Pikmin Discovered? Bosses
Castle Balim Finale 25 N/A The Infected

Enemies Encountered

  • N/A