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This is one of Pikmin Fanon's help pages and is meant to aid users by improving their ability to positively contribute to the wiki. Expanding pages such as this with additional information is always welcome.

The preferences is a special page that allows logged-in users to view their basic account information, change appearances, and settings for their custom appearance of the site, etc. In the upper right corner of each page, the link to the special page will display unless you are logged out. The preferences page will present you with the "User profile" section, as well as a bar of tabs across the top for changing other types of settings.

User profile

Basic information

Username Your username. Only trusted users can change your username, and the wiki must also have the "rename user" extension installed.
Member of groups: A list of the user groups you are in.
Number of edits: Displays the total number of edits you have made to the site.
Registration time: The time your account was registered.
Real name: A field will show, allowing you to write in your real name, however, it is completely optional. If provided, you may be given attribution for your work.
Change password (see below.)
Account data A link will display. Clicking on it will transfer you to an API result of your entire account data.

Change password

To change your password, click on a rectangular box that says, "Change password". Once clicked, you will be asked to verify your identity. When verification is complete, you will be transferred to the change credentials page, and two fields will appear, the first is to specify your new password, and the second is to retype it. If you want this site to remember your login, click "Change credentials".


From your preferences, you can select what language you would like the interface to be in. Only the buttons like 'edit' and 'talk', in addition to a few pages in the sidebar, will be affected. The main text of the pages will not be changed by this for the vast majority of pages, although there are a few pages where it will.

  • Languages
  • How do you prefer to be described?
  • More language settings


  • Your existing signature
Example (talk)
  • New signature
    • Treat signature as wikitext (without an automatic link)

Email options

If you have supplied an email address, you will need to click the "verify address" button in order to use these functions. You will receive an email; simply open it and follow the link to enable the following functions.

  • Email confirmation:
Allow other users to email me This allows other registered users to send you an email using the "e-mail this user" link on the sidebar of your user page. Emails are sent using a web interface, and your email address is not revealed to the sender until you reply by email.
Allow emails from brand-new users This allows newly-registered users to send you emails.
Send me copies of emails I send to other users
Email me when a page or a file on my watchlist is changed
Email me when my user talk page is changed
Email me also for minor edits of pages and files



Here you can choose the skin you want to use. You can preview the available skins before choosing them, by clicking on the "Preview" link next to each skin. Please refer to MediaWiki's Help:Skins for further details.

Date format

The following is normally rendered depending on preferences:

  • No preference (selected by default)
    • 00:00, January 1, 2020
    • 00:00, 1 January 2020
    • 00:00, 2020 January 1
    • 2020-01-01T00:00:00


Here you can determine how images will be displayed. Images displayed by direct pasting of a URL (if the wiki has it enabled) will not be affected by this setting.

Image size limit on file description pages This setting lets you choose how big image previews will be on the File: pages. If you know what your current screen resolution is you may like to set this to one or two sizes smaller than your own screen. If you have a slow connection (such as dial-up) you may want to limit them to 320×240.
Thumbnail size Define how big you want thumbnails to appear. This setting will not affect thumbnails with dimensions determined by an editor, nor can it increase images beyond their original dimensions.


  • Do not show page content below diffs
  • Don't show diff after performing a rollback

Advanced options

  • Link underlining:
    • Skin or browser default
    • Never
    • Always
  • Show hidden categories
  • Auto-number headings


These are the settings to control editing pages, including whether to automatically watch pages that you have edited or created.

General options

  • Enable section editing by right-clicking on section titles
  • Edit pages on double click


  • Edit area font style:
    • Monospaced font
    • Sans serif font
    • Serif font
  • Mark all edits minor by default
  • Prompt me when entering a blank edit summary (or the default undo summary)
  • Warn me when I leave an edit page with unsaved changes
  • Enable the editing toolbar
  • Temporarily disable the visual editor while it is in beta


  • Show preview on first edit
  • Show preview before edit box
  • Show previews without reloading the page

Recent changes

Display options

Days to show in recent changes Here you can specify how far back the recent changes page will go. Note that the list will stop prematurely if the number of edits is exceeded.
Number of edits to show in recent changes, page histories, and in logs, by default Here you can specify how many edits should be displayed.

Advanced options

  • Group changes by page in recent changes and watchlist
  • Use non-JavaScript interface: loads RecentChanges, Watchlist, and similar pages without the filtered search or the highlighting functionality.

Changes shown

  • Hide minor edits from recent changes


These are the settings to control the behavior of the watchlist (see Help:Watchlist). Most of these options are also available on the watchlist display itself, but by setting them in your preferences, you control the default behavior of the watchlist i.e., it will perform the same actions every time you visit the page.

Edit watchlist

  • Edit entries on your watchlist:
    • View and remove titles from your watchlist
    • Edit raw watchlist
    • Clear your watchlist

Display options

Days to show in watchlist: Here you can specify how far back the watchlist page will go. Note that the list will stop prematurely if the number of edits is exceeded.
Maximum number of changes to show in watchlist: Here you can specify how many edits should be displayed.

Advanced options

  • Expand watchlist to show all changes, not just the most recent
  • Add direct unwatch/watch markers (×/+) to watched pages with changes (JavaScript required for toggle functionality)
  • Use non-JavaScript interface: loads Watchlist without filters search or highlighting functionality.

Changes shown

  • Hide minor edits from the watchlist
  • Hide bot edits from the watchlist
  • Hide my edits from the watchlist
  • Hide edits by anonymous users from the watchlist
  • Hide edits by logged in users from the watchlist

Watched pages

  • Add pages and files I edit to my watchlist
  • Add pages and files I move to my watchlist
  • Add pages I create and files I upload to my watchlist
  • Add new files I upload to my watchlist


  • Watchlist token
  • Manage token: managing a token is used to generate a RSS feed from your watchlist. Anyone who knows this token can use it to access your watchlist. If the token is discovered by someone else, you can click the "Reset selected tokens" link to create a new token. Once you have done this, you will need to edit the URL of your feed subscription in your feed reader to account for the new token.


A gadget is a Javascript program and/or a CSS snippet that can be enabled simply by checking an option in your preferences. The gadget's function is provided by the MediaWiki extension, Gadgets. Gadgets are usually developed and maintained by our interface administrators, they can also edit the definitions and descriptions of available gadgets, where you can see the source code of each gadget.


  • HotCat: Easily adds, removes, and changes a category on a page, with name suggestions. [preview]