Hot Tar Pools

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The second dungeon in the Enveloping Garden. Rose Pikmin are discovered here on Level 5. It is also the second Tree Climb in the game. All of the levels are randomly generated except for level five and seven. There is also a boss at the end. There are very few enemies in this dungeon but there is the introduction of hot tar hazards, hence the name of the place. It is required to beat the Beastly Burrow before going over there and challenging this dungeon due to the mossy gates that require the Plant Paralyzer ability to destroy. The terrain is mostly black earth but changes to light earth as the player ascends to the higher levels.


Ship's comments

Kzzzzrrt! Danger! Danger! The air inside this hallow tree is choked with the horribly musky scent of burning tar! There must be natural tar deposits situated beneath this tree's rotting foundation. As far as I know, the entire interior could be completely submerged in boiling tar! You can't possibly go in there! The risk is too high! What do you mean I'm being selfish? I'm only saying what's best for you! Who asked the machine if he was willing to go in there?


  • Fire
  • Hot Tar


  • Female Sheargrub
  • Shearwig
  • Reptilium
  • Dwarf Wollywog
  • Glowpod
  • Pitchbug
  • Mitites
  • Squitters
  • Boss: Flying Kangarin


  • Circular Construction
  • Cosmic Mass
  • Laminated Containment
  • Whale Scrubber
  • Funnel of Torment
  • Cursed Cursor
  • Bewitched Blocker
  • Flexed Metaloid (Dropped by Flying Kangarin)