Pikmin: Dark Skies

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Pikmin: Dark Skies is a new game being made by XAtomic.


A black hole is nearing Hocotate. According to the Research Pod, the Distant Planet holds everything they need to stop the black hole from swallowing Hocotate. Olimar and Louie fly to the Distant Planet in search of the items they need to save their home.


Olimar and Louie have 50 days to collect 250 treasures. (Time still passes in caves, but a lot slower.) Olimar's son also sneaks in through the Cargo Hold, so you have 3 players to control.


  • You can stay out at night once the first nocturnal Pikmin is discovered.
  • Tree dugouts are like caves, but go up. Floors wind around branches and the tree itself.
  • Time goes by 2.5x slower in caves/tree dugouts.


The Ferocious Forest

Woods with scattered towering oaks, creeks, and mossy logs. Sunshine peaks through the canopy on the blooming plant-life. Enemies that are native to this area are Red Bulborbs, Dwarf Red Bulborbs, Orange Bulborbs, Yellow Wollywogs, Breadbugs, Flying Snagrets, Water Dumples, Dwarf Spotty Bulbears, and Ravenous Whiskerpillars. Cloudy skies are common. There is 1 cave and 1 tree dugout. The tree dugout is called "Treacherous Treetop", and the cave is "Cataclysmic Cavern", but the cave is blocked by a broken smoke pipeline that cannot be accessed until later. You need 15 treasures to move on. Native Pikmin are Red Pikmin and Yellow Pikmin.

Sparkling Pond

A very big pond bordered by tall grass and cattails. There are 2 sandy openings between the grass, and a dock between them. Under the water's surface is seaweed and other water plants. Cloudy skies are common. Native creatures are Oceanic Bulborbs, Water Dumples, Brown Slithering Scale-Serpents, Underwater Wollywogs, Spotty Bulbear, Goolix, Mamuta, Pearly Clamclamp, and Smokey Progg. There is one cave called "Soggy Subterane" and it's near the dock. Native Pikmin are Blue Pikmin.

Misty Marsh

A dark, damp marsh with a thin layer of water over most of the land, but it isn't harmful to non-blue Pikmin. Very bright green leaves cover the landscape and a hill with a waterfall is in the center. Rainfall is common. A blanket of mist hangs above the plants. Native enemies are Dwarf Blue Bulborbs, Creeping Chrysanthemums, Ravenous Whiskerpillars, Orange Bulborbs, Yellow Wollywogs, Wollywogs, Watery Blowhogs, Sludgy Blowhogs, and Swooping Snitchbugs. Native Pikmin are Green and Brown Pikmin.

Shady Shore

A bright, sunny, and sandy shoreline with an extensive ocean filled with colorful coral reefs.. Grassy areas have cattails and tall grass. A very quiet, sunny forest lagoon sits in the back with a small pond. Thunderstorms are common. Native enemies are Oceanic Bulborbs, Oceanic Dumples, Red Bulborbs, Burrowing Snagrets, Blue Slithering Scale-Serpents, Green Slithering Scale-Serpents, Yellow Wollywogs, Underwater Wollywogs, Puffy Blowhogs, and Fiery Blowhogs. A tree dugout near the lagoon is called "Sandy Sapling" and a cave near a muddy rock is called "Grainy Grotto". Native Pikmin are Purple and White Pikmin.

Gladiator Gardens