Pikmin: Starry Nights

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Pikmin: Starry Nights is a port/remake of the original Pikmin for the 3DS. It features two different ways to play through the game; Normal Mode and Night mode. Normal mode is basically the New Play Control! version of Pikmin, while Night Mode features some new twists to the original game

General Differences

Even though the game is essentially a port of the Wii version, there are still some differences:

  • Night Mode has been added
  • The graphics are much more prettier and detailed
  • Olimar wears his suit from Super Smash Bros. Brawl
  • Challenge mode is now Separated in to two categories: Growing and Survival
  • When extracting and depositing Pikmin from the Onion of choice, the onion shows you how many flower, bud, and leaf Pikmin there are in that onion
  • The game takes advantages of the 3DS, using 3-D imagery
  • A Co-op mode has been added. The second player can play as a Mushroom Pikmin and take over small enemies, such as a Dwarf Bulborb

Night Mode

Night Mode is a selectable game option that is accessible upon opening a new save file. Night mode is basically story mode, however, you play during the night time. Below is a list of changes in night mode.

Night Mode Changes

  • Brand new enemies and bosses appear
  • Enemies and bosses are much more aggressive and stronger
  • The area is darkened and it's hard to see whats around you
  • Pellets, Nectar , and Bomb Rocks are much harder to find
  • Enemies will often attack disbanded Pikmin, no matter where they are
  • Enemies are much more common
  • Pikmin will not mature while planted

Challenge Mode

Challenge Mode works a bit differently then the last game. There are now two categories in this mode. Survival Mode and Growing Mode: Growing Mode is essentially the same as the original challenge mode, except for the fact that it supports the night mode, and Survival Mode has you fighting of waves of enemies using 99 Pikmin, 33 Pikmin for each of the three pikmin. Both challenge mode options support Nintendo Wi-Fi leaderboards.

Easter Eggs

  • If you go to the Distant Spring on day seven, upon arrival, Olimar will start to beat box!
  • If you visit The Forest of Hope on day sixteen, and start to build bridge, instead of hit the bridge with their stems, the Pikmin will punch the bridge with their fists!