Pikmin: Timeloop/July 1 Path B

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You decide to join the Guard Squad. You take an elevator to Level 34 (Civillian Defence Branch) and went to Room 21 to ask for an application.

"The only information required is a physical test of grade C or higher. You may either take it on Room 31, Basic Personnel Training, or show information of a past test," the receptionist asked, rather halfheartedly as if she hated her job.

You always carry a physical test and other info on your person, in your pockets. (Yes, Pikmin apparently have plenty, oddly enough) You tested about a month ago to enter the Scout Squad, and got a B. You hand her the physical test info.

"Okay, everything seems to be in order," the receptionist said, rather boredly. "I'll call Sarge. Just report to Circle Field at the north of the landing site in fifteen minutes."


"Looks like the Onion landed. Let's go, Chrim!" Lav said.

You exit the Onion, and enter the Landing Site. The Landing Site is circular, the three Onions touched down without even a scratch, as always. There's an extension attached to each the Blue Onion and the Yellow Onion to house the Purple and White Pikmin, respectively. There are usually four paths out of the Landing Site, one for each cardinal direction, but it seems the West, East, and South paths are blocked ba fallen trees due to a recent storm. Only the North Path, to the Circle Field, was unblocked. You go north to the Guard Squadron, standing in formation.

"Oh, hey. Ruby told me that we have fresh fish coming," said a Yellow Pikmin you assumed was Sarge. "Stand in formation, I just started briefing."

"Okay, here's the plan for today," Sarge said. "Yesterday we found a Bulborb nest to the south of the landing site. The path is blocked by a log because of the storm, so we can't do that. We need about five volunteers to guard the Scouting Squad, and the rest of you must defend the Onion against invaders."


  • To volunteer to guard the Scout Squad, go here.
  • To stay behind and guard the Onion, go here.