Pikmin: Timeloop/July 1 Path CAC

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With the split second it took you to make that decision, you jump into the Posy patch. A few other faces you recognized jumped with you.

"Allright, the Scouts are safe," a gruff voice says. "Let's bring this monster down!"

A few explosions and horrifying, painful screams (from the Bulborb) later, the voice calls out, "Allright, it's safe. We'll want to take this to the Science Branch, the lab boys probably want a look at it before it's converted."

You come out. You take another look at the field, and you are amazed at how thick and large it is. Most of them are fives, but there are a few tens and twenties scattered about. You figure a sample of ten 5s should give them an idea of the riches they owe you.

You notice something glint on the ground. You come closer. It's a reddish crystal, covered in the red liquid the Bulborb was in. You figure the thing dropped it. It might be important, maybe you should bring it back with the bulborb. But it might also be very valuable on the black market...


  • Turn it in to the Science Branch - Click here.
  • Pocket it to sell it later - Click here.