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Rehabilitated Quest Pack
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Downloadable content Pikmin 360
Creator Irockz

Pikmin 360 Has a vary of DLC created, available on both Xbox 360 and Steam.


Rehabilitated Quest Pack

Rehabilitated Quest Pack is a DLC containing 25 new quests, a new area and 2 new weapons.

Quest 1: Sidewinder

When you first visit the place, you come to an area resembling Sidewinder from Halo: Combat Evolved. When you first enter the base, a Pikmin resembling a soldier named Kelly-087 talks to you. She is waiting for a UNSC Transport Vehicle to arrive and drop off a Tank, after sending out a distress beacon. She asks you to recover 5 flares so she can call out the transport in turn for your escape.

Quest 2: Freeze Frame

After completing Sidewinder, She will miss her first shot, blowing 2 holes in the wall. The left hole will bring you back, although the other will bring you to a big snow field. There is a Pikmin frozen in the snow. Picking it up and leaving it in the main area will thaw it out. When this is complete you can talk to the Pikmin. He will give you a quest to find the Bulborb Larvae burrowed underground and kill them before they grow up into Bulborb.