Pikmin 3DS (Breadbug101 version)

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Pikmin 3DS is a 3D Pikmin game only on the Nintendo 3DS, made by Breadbug101.



  • Red Pikmin (if you choose Olimar you start with them)
  • Yellow Pikmin (if you choose Olimar's wife you start with them)
  • Blue Pikmin (if you choose Olimar's son you start with them)
  • White Pikmin (if you choose Olimar's daughter you start with them)
  • Purple Pikmin (when in the circle in the middle of the four paths you find them attacking a Dwarf Red Bulborb but Pikmin cannot die in that fight)
  • Winged Pikmin (one is seen in The Forest Navel trying to carry a strawberry and can call over to your group)
  • Rock Pikmin (four of them are trying to defeat a Wogpole onshore)