Pikmin World

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Pikmin World is an RPG game. The game is being written by Manatlegs129.


The Pikmin were having a peaceful day when all of a sudden, another crash! The Pikmin visit the ship, only to be kidnapped. A blue one woke up near a candy pop bud. A masked man dips the Candypops in acid! He pulled the flower and out went an Emerald Candypop Bud. The Blue Pikmin was perplexed. All of a sudden, he grabbed the Pikmin and slammed it on the flower. The masked man plucked the plant, and a new creation was held.

Meanwhile, another Blue Pikmin was practicing his jumping skills on ice! He adapted to coldness and battled enemies by himself. He jumped on enemies, several enemies while spinning. A Yellow Pikmin found a shell, she wore it and was protected it from explosions. Meanwhile, on Hocotate, Olimar is tasked with another debt! Of course, he goes to the Distant Planet. Again, another crash! Now, he has to get himself out of here and pay the debt.

New Pikmin


Wii controllers are similar to controls of Pikmin 3, but there are some new ones.
  • A to throw
  • B to whistle
  • C to make a Pikmin Idle
  • Z to spray ultra-sour spray
  • 1 to spray ultra-spicy spray
  • 2 to spray ultra-bitter spray
  • + for options
  • Shake controller to jump
  • +- (means the giant + on top) to have similar appearances to Pikmin 3.