Planet Plague

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The Planet Plague is a complex race of pale, often serpentine creatures that migrate between planets to infect their wildlife and consume the planet's resources. Their hierarchy is that of a caste system.

The caste that has the primary duty of infecting victims is the Plagueling, the second-lowest caste in the hierarchy. To do so, it first wells up its special purple gas into its lungs and then expels it from its throat inside of a bubble, which promptly bursts upon contact with the victim. The gas seeps through the skin and airways of those exposed, and once inside, courses through the veins, to the arteries, and then to the brain. Once there, the brain surrenders to the Planet Plague's influence, and the host becomes a Plague Minion, a mindless slave to higher castes.

The gas itself contains hydrogen-propelled Plagueling neurons to help secure control of victims and three specialized gases that dampen brain waves of sentient life.


Listed from lowest to highest: