Precipitating Plaza

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Pikmin: New World
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The fourth out of eight areas in the game Pikmin: New World. It symbolizes rain as its form of weather. It is a large area with rainy weather and clouds in the sky. It itself is a large puddle of water with most of its land isolated in the midst of the water. There are several strange aquatic creatures found here as well as some of the game's most annoying dungeons. This is mainly because many of the dungeons have limitations put on them which disallow any but a certain pikmin type into them, much like the Submerged Castle, and have tough bosses. It is actually the remains of the the Perplexing Pool after the major erosion event had long eroded away the landscape, surfacing its many dungeons. It is actually the Citadel of Spiders, the Glutton's Kitchen and the Submerged Castle all put together. The entire location is a single puddle in what seems to be a crater with steep, slippery edges of mud. These prevent pikmin from going up onto the land above. The surrounding land appears to be relatively grassy and several puddles are seen off in the distance as well as several large trees. Yellow and Blue Pikmin are discovered here.


  • Water Dumple X15
  • Sea Pig X5
  • Pond Squidling X6
  • Swooping Snitchbug X2
  • Bumbling Snitchbug X2
  • Dwarf Orange Bulborb X12
  • Orange Bulborb X4
  • Great Bulblax X2
  • Lesser Spotted Jellyfloat X3
  • Lesser Speckled Jellyfloat X4
  • Wavering Blowhog X1
  • Watery Blowhog X1
  • Salty Blowhog X1
  • Fiery Burrow-Nit X2
  • Fiery Bulbear X1
  • Poisonous Bulbear X1
  • Watersnake X16
  • Armoured Cannon Beetle X1
  • Long-Fanged Vlish X1
  • Eelid Fangrel X4
  • Yellow Wollywog X3
  • Dwarf Wollywog X9
  • Aqua Breadbug X2
  • Orange Dumple X3
  • Red Dumple X3
  • Aqua Bulbear X1
  • Aqua Burrow-Nit X1
  • Aqua Chrysanthemum X1
  • Mitites
  • Squitters
  • Honeywisps
  • Sugarslicks
  • Sectipede
  • Sandbow
  • Squirmfish
  • Iridescent Flint Beetle
  • Crystal Kettlebug
  • Monster Swamprey X1 (Appears after Day 45)



  • Arachnid Funnel
  • Bird Tunnel
  • Daredevil's Fort
  • Salamander Lake
  • Aqua Pit