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Infobox game
Rating Unknown
Genre N/A
Platforms Unknown
Media N/A
Creator Unknown


This template is to be used at the top of game pages. It places an information box on the top-right corner of the page.

Pages with this template are automatically categorized in Category:Games.


Parameter Mandatory Default Detailed description
name No {{PAGENAME}} If the name of the game is different from the title of the page, specify it here.
image No Image name, extension included.
size No Image size.
caption No Caption for the image, if needed.
icon No If the game has an icon, specify its image here, extension included.
rating Yes Unknown ESRB rating.
genre Yes N/A Game's genre.
platforms Yes Unknown Consoles the game is played on.
media Yes N/A The form the game is in. Examples are optical disc, cartridge, or digital download.
publisher No Unknown Who or what distributes the game.
release dates No None The game's release dates, if any.
prequel No Unknown The game's prequel.
sequel No Unknown The game's sequel.
dlc No Unknown Downloadable content the game has or the game it is for.
creator Yes Unknown The game's creator.
collaborators No None Who helped develop the game.
nocat No Giving this a value like "y" makes the template not auto-categorize the game.


{{infobox game
|release dates=