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The Pikmin Jobs are a new feature in the game President's Adventure. It enables the player to change a Pikmin color's job. Many jobs are unlockable. The jobs change the Pikmin attributes, making their going up or down.

To unlock Pikmin jobs, the player must beat the game once. After beating the game in normal conditions, the player can replay the game with customized gameplay, such as the presence of Jobs.


  • Attack - With a bigger attack, the Pikmin will knock enemies out faster. Also, higher attack make a Pikmin break barries more faster.
  • Defense - With a bigger defense, the player might not be defeated by the first enemies' attack. Also, if body checked by one enemy, there is a higher chance the Pikmin won't be thrown away.
  • Speed - With higher speed, a Pikmin will follow his leader faster. Also, when carrying an object, the Pikmin might increase the delivery speed.
  • Jump - The jump determinates how high the Pikmin will go after being throw by a player. A Pikmin with a great jump might reach higher areas other Pikmin won't.
  • Luck - Luck changes from Pikmin to Pikmin. With a greater luck, there might be a chance that more seeds will sprout from a pellet or an enemy.
  • Evasion - Evasion will determinate if a Pikmin will evase faster from an enemy attack. Also, if called by the leader during an action, Pikmin might return faster.
  • Carrying Power - With a greater carrying power, a Pikmin will be able to hold and delivery bigger and heavier objects from place to place.
  • Throw Power - With the throw power attribute, a Pikmin will be thrown in larger distances and their target might be what the player is looking for.

Table Of Jobs


  • ATK = Attack
  • DEF = Defense
  • SPD = Speed
  • JMP = Jump
  • LCK = Luck
  • EVS = Evasion
  • CPOW = Carrying Power
  • TPOW = Throwing Power
Number Name Pikmin +Effects -Effects Requirements
1 Knight All Kinds DEF/ATK SPD/JMP
2 Magician All Kinds JMP/LCK DEF
3 Fighter All Kinds CPOW SPD Defeat 25 enemies
4 Yoyo Boy All Kinds LCK EVS Collect 25 treasures
5 Baseball Player All Kinds TPOW SPD Throw Pikmin 50 times
6 Cat All Kinds EVS/SPD TPOW
7 Elder All Kinds LCK ATK Lost 50 Pikmin
8 Penguin All Kinds EVS/ATK DEF
9 Cooker All Kinds ATK/LCK TPOW Pluck 50 Pikmin
10 Red Bulborb All Kinds DEF SPD Defeat 100 enemies
11 Fireman Red Only ATK/SPD/EVS Grown 50 Red Pikmin
12 Indiana Jones Red Only ATK/DEF EVS Explore all caves
13 Mario Red Only SPD/ATK Grown 250 Red Pikmin
14 Devil Red Only ATK/DEF
15 Ghost Red Only LCK/SPD ATK Lost 100 Pikmin
16 Karate Guy Yellow Only ATK/DEF/TPOW Defeat 150 enemies
17 Backpacker Yellow Only SPD/EVS LCK Walk 2500 feat distance
18 Ninja Yellow Only EVS/ATK/JMP CPOW
19 Mummy Yellow Only DEF/JMP/LCK CPOW Grown 100 Yellow Pikmin
20 Prisioner Yellow Only CPOW SPD Lost 500 Pikmin
21 Igloo Blue Only DEF/CPOW ATK
22 Swimmer Blue Only SPD/EVS Walk 3000 feat distance
23 Angel Blue Only CPOW/TPOW Grown 200 Blue Pikmin
24 Cowboy Blue Only EVS/ATK JMP Defeat 250 enemies
25 Link Blue Only ATK/LCK/CPOW Collect all treasures
26 Sailor Purple Only CPOW SPD/JMP Collect 200 treasures
27 Princess Peach Purple Only LCK EVS Collect +50 enemies data
28 Sumo Fighter Purple Only ATK/DEF SPD/TPOW Defeat 500 enemies
29 Dinosaur Purple Only ATK/TPOW
30 Sheep Purple Only JMP/SPD CPOW Collect 10 upgrades
31 Wizard White Only LCK/EVS/JMP Grown 200 White Pikmin
32 Doctor White Only DEF/SPD
33 Baby White Only LCK/SPD ATK/EVS Grown 400 White Pikmin
34 Zebra White Only JMP/LCK/CPOW Lost 50 White Pikmin
35 Mr. Game & Watch White Only JMP/ATK/EVS Beat the game 2 times