The President's Adventure/Upgrades

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The President's Adventure features several upgrades, that main purpose is to help the player across their journey. Here are they, in order of appearance:

Treasure Gauge

Found in the cave Buoy Base. Like the already seen treasure gauges, this game's feature doesn't change, although it has a more updated design. It rings and glows in different colors to point that are treasures close. When the color glows blue, it means a treasure in a high place. When the color glows yellow, it means a treasure in regular highness, and when the color glows red, it means a treasure underground, usually, burried.

Purple Incubator

Found in the cave Wacky Bridges, the Purple Incubator is the first out of four incubators found in the game. Their used to genetically breed Purple Pikmin, although this process is somehow slow. Put three to five Pikmin inside the incubator (it has to be a Red, Yellow or Blue) and, the next day, the incubator will spill out three to five Purple Pikmin to be plucked.

Iron Fist

Found in the cave Stormy Holloways, the Iron Fist is just like the Iron Fist from the canon games, and give the player the possibility to strike and punch enemies. However, the player can only throw one punch, and take some time to recharge, having the player to take a few steps, 5-10, to be able to punch again, limiting the power of the Iron Fist.

Boxing Gloves

Found in the cave Ocean Plateau, the Boxing Gloves is an upgraded Iron Fist. It gives the player two red boxing gloves that don't take time to recharge. The player can jab, punch a combo of three to five if performing the right movements with the Wii Controller. A single enemy can be defeated using only the combos of the Boxing Gloves. However, using too much and too fast the Boxing Gloves cause the player fadigue. Also, if the player misses a combo, it gets dizzy, and will only return to conscience if attacked or swarmed by Pikmin.

Gravity Boots

Found in the cave Shattered Sky Track, this useful boots are a great wearing for the player. It enables the player to jump small edges and reach places it couldn't reach before, or it has a long way across it to reach it. Holding the jump button before the real action will allow the player to reach a higher distance, like charging before throwing a Pikmin.

Regeneration Ring

Found in the cave The Kitchen, a player wears this ring to regenerate it's health. The process doesn't happen itself, and the player must wear the ring and absorve a dead enemy's body with it. The bigger the enemy, the greater the life increase. The smaller the enemy, the shortest the life increase.