Tiny Cavern

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Tiny Cavern is the very first cave in Pikmin: Epic Pikvolution found in Impact Fields. It is resided by Green Pikmin on the 2nd sublevel. It contains 3 treasures.

Treasures, Hazards and Enemies



  • None.


Sublevel Walkthrough

Sublevel 1

Bring more than 20 Red Pikmin in. Quickly take down the 3 Dwarf Red Bulborbs and find which one contains the Sweet Confectionery. Make 4 Pikmin carry it back. Take on the Red Bulborb, but be careful to take the Pikmin back when it shakes. Kill it and then find the Hairy Liquidizer hidden in a alcove. Grab all your Pikmin and jump down the hole.

Sublevel 2 - Final Floor!

There should be 2 Dwarves near the Pod. Slaughter them and walk down the curvy passage. You should find Green Pikmin sleeping in a small arena. Wake them up and they will be attracted to you. Green Pikmin are immune to chemicals and acid and can go through the bubbly pool near the arena. You can drain the pool by hitting the underwater rock. Once that happens the Orange Bulborb will be in the dark arena past the pool. Be prepared with your 5 greens and your reds because this will be a tough fight. Use the same strategy as a Red Bulborb except call them back a bit quicker as the Orange Bulborb does a quick bite. Once defeated, take back the Placement Microchip and find the geyser next to a Red Bulborb.