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Hi, I'm me

Hello, anyone who's reading that. I'm not new here, I just had an old account who I'm now trying to forget about to start fresh this new year... If anyone is reading this I would also like to have a talk page (I'm very chatty), and I would also like a signature, because I don't own one and I don't know how to make them either. Those game article templates? Don't know how to make them either. But after I got my game idea underway, I'll make sure to get that fixed up. I'm very creative (I think that, at least) and I have very creative dreams (if that come true, one day you'll see my name on TV, right before the credits of some TV show start rolling) and I have very crazy ideas. I'm just this messed up person (in a good way, please). Oh, wow, as I writed these, my phone warned me I got an e-mail and that I already have my talk page. See? Things kicked off greatly. Okay, I'm gonna check that out now.