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A Red Bulborb

Red Bulborbs, or scientifically named "oculus kagayamii russus", are one of the most common enemy in the Pikmin seiries. Bulborbs appear in "The Forest of Hope, Valley of Repose, Awakening Wood, Hole of Beasts, Hole of Heroes, Dream Den, Angle Maze, Distant Spring, Explore's Cave, Lost Toy Box, Red Chasm, Collecters Room, Breeding Ground," and "Emporor's Realm". Their Pikmin carry weight is 10-20 Pikmin at once.

There are many types of Bulborb. Here are the type's. "Red Bulborb, Orange Bulborb, Snow Bulborb, Hairy Bulborb, Dwarf Bulbear, Dwarf Red Bulborb, Dwarf Orange Bulborb, Bulborb Larvae, Spotty Bulbear, Empror Bulblax, Empress Bulblax", and "Dwarf Bulborb"

How to defeat

Sneak up an the Bulborb while it's asleep. Quickly bombard it with Purple Pikmen. If no Purple Pikmen are avalible, try useing other Pikmin. If the Bulborb charges, try running behing it and throwing Pikmen at it then. If you are defeating a "Dwarf Bulborb" in Pikmen 1, it will emit an obnoxious creech and wake up nearby sleeping enemys. This does not happen in Pikmen 2, though.