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I'm Fillet-O-Fish, but you can call me Fillet. (The "t" is silent). I've been on a Pikmin streak lately, so I joined somewhere to discuss it and put down my ideas and stuff.

I never edit my userpage or signature on any Wikias. So yeah this is pretty much it. Seeya later!

Okay, I lied, but this is a special occasion.


This is the biggest idiot on YouTube! He makes videos purely to express his hate for Nintendo and promotes gang violence! (Warning: He swears a lot.) In every one of his videos, he is sexist, rascist, a troll, a flamer, and he uses the word gay as an insult to know end. (Note: I'm straight, but I still can't stand to hear that as an insult.) Block this guy or spam him!

Favorite games

  1. Paper Mario 64
  2. Mother 3
  3. Pikmin 2
  4. Super Mario Galaxy
  5. Pokemon Ruby Version
  6. Animal Crossing Gamecube
  7. Chrono Trigger