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I am a newly plucked user and I am eager to get to know everyone! Please help me with becoming prominent;advice works best, but assistance is advised. I am just a leaf in terms of user experience/knowledge, which explains the pathetic user page and small talk page. As for the other (excuse me) less prominent users out there, please become friends with me in order to give us both a boost. My username comes from an idea of mine called a pikberry, which is basically a pikmin's favorite food, especially if the colours match, in which cases pikmin may be convinced to hoard them!

I had an idea about the guild of bulborbs . Bulborb larva: Must have a talk page Must have 1 edit Must be sprout rank or higher A bulborb larva can train for apprentice red/snow bulborb and assist them. However, a bulborb larva still needs to complete the requirements to become apprentice red/snow bulborb title. Once they are leaf rank, an apprentice/larva can begin apprentice orange bulborb training, but still needs to complete the requirements for it.

ANYWAY... Welcome to the user page!

3/31/2014: I killed the quaggled mireclops, no more twilight river fruit, and I BEAT THE BURROWING SNAGRET, AKA THE FRICKING BIRD, A SERIAL KILLER, IN 3-5 SECONDS WITH NO DEATHS UUSING LIKE 35 OR SO WINGED PIKMIN AND SPRAY!!!!! and the day i killed the snavian, i got: a citrus lump a bunch of dusk pustules a portable sunset the blonde impostor the crunchy deluge the insect condo yes, 6 fruit in a single day. That and the speedrun snagret murder which made it possible are so far my biggest accomplishments in pikmin 3. And only 15 fruits to go!

My accomplishment "tower"

Sprout rank.png

P2 Pileated Snagret.jpg

Brain small.png


Yummy, a hamburger!!!

``Open To Suggestions`` I want to create a fanon game now, and I want all suggestions. For example, if example1 suggests putting in a leader pikmin, and if example2 suggests putting in a new captain, I will try to make the suggested new captain the also suggested leader pikmin. But if example3 says no new pikmin and/or captains, I will likely decline. What this game will be called, I will need suggestions for that first. Then I can work on the plot.