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I will use my knowledge to customize pikmin to renew them. I did the kingmin YEARS ago(I have no ctrl R to mk leaning letters).

Psycho pikmin(black); Carnivorous and nocturnal, they will attack anything other than another psycho', only tamed by light, they can become domesticated.

orange pikmin(parasite pikmin); A semi-intelligent, cave dwelling being, tick-like in appearance. controlling the nerves of small enemies that this pikmin is thrown on.

Dark matter pikmin(rainbow); "iluminates" structures to anchor them to the pikmin dimension, resulting in the human treasures being seemingly out of nowhere. Required to reach the mega wraith's dimension and to kill a wraith.

Kingmin; gains a part with a 1/10th of the power of a pikmin that it has found. Likes the captains. Leads pikmin and rules over the pikmin-grounds. An underground tunnel system that is lighted just right to allow nocturnal, cave dweller, and daytime pikmin unaware of the dark pikmin until rifts start appearing and they reveal themselves as the original pikmin, explaining the multi planet factor of pikmin.