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This is where I (Pikminfan27) write my ideas. Please do not edit except for grammar/spelling mistakes.

User of the Month

Each month, admins could look at how active, friendly, etc. each user is, and other users could vote on their favorite user, and the admins could combine the information and choose a "User of the Month". Their icon (Like Peach Bulborb's Peach Bulborb) and username would be shown on the main page, along with the date of any accomplishment of theirs. Users cannot vote for themselves.

Community Game

The Community Game from the Ranks Page should be an actual game! Not a fangame, though... an idea.

Special "Game" for users to play on the wiki

There could be a page for some game for the users to play. Credit to Peach Bulborb.

They would start by choosing a rocket, space suit, and name (Lieutenant/Commander/Captain/Admiral _____)

Admins could also be in the game. They would be explorers, but they could put on the police hat if necessary. A few rules would be: 1). No Absolute Domination. If you beat a titan boss, don't start taking control of the game. 2). Log what you discover. Put the stuff on separate pages, though. 3) No flaring or bullying.

Example Time

1. ExampleUser joins the game. He goes to PNF-404.

2. He lands in an area. He goes to his "User:ExampleUser/Captain's Log" Page and makes notes on his discoveries, such as new caves and Pikmin types.

3. OtherUser finds the cave that ExampleUser discovered, goes to it, and clears it. He makes notes on his discoveries.

4. ExampleUser goes to a Space Station floating around PNF-404 and sets up a store in it, where he sells his discoveries, such as treasures. OtherUser buys a treasure.

5. ExampleAdmin notices that OtherUser has not been changing his Poko count. He sends him a warning, and he changes his Poko count... to 0, what it really was.

6. OtherUser was lucky, as otherwise, he would have been kicked out of the game and have to start anew.

User Teaching

When a user joins, other users should be ready to teach him/her about the wiki, and ask if they want to learn.

Coding Class

The user teaches the other user to code.

Behavior of the Average User

Teaches how an average user SHOULD behave.

Ideas should be Revealed

Tells how all ideas made should be told to other users and why.