User:PurplePikminPower/Story of the Stolen Graham Crackers

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This fanfic is ment for being funny.

Chapter One

This is after Purp finishes his adventure, so he is at home. He then feels a twinge of hunger. He heads towards the kitchen, but then, the worst has happened. SOMEONE STOLE HIS GRAHAM CRACKERS!! Purp then cries "NOOOOOO!" He feels he must find the thief, and he posts missing graham cracker posters everywhere, and everyone thinks he has lost it.

Chapter Two

Purp is still hunting for his missing crackers. He sees someone eating graham crackers across the road. "Halt!" Screams Purp. "Where did you get those?!" "My kitchen" relies the Pikmin. He then chases Purp back to his house. Purp is very suspicious about him. Purp then find them, but where? You make it up! Just don't tell anyone else. THE END