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Welcome to my pikmin journals! I am ThePikminMeister, and I will be playing through each pikmin game, and I will be logging down my data here for everyone to see! Enjoy!


Journal coming soon.

Pikmin 2

Journal coming soon.

Pikmin 3

Day 1

Charlie's Crash Site

The only thing that really happened here was encountering yellow pikmin.

Alph's Crash Site

The more interesting part of this day. Started off with building the bridge after pulling down the red onion. I got the Koppad and saw where the ship was. I raised 21 red pikmin and then found the S.S. Drake. The day ended.


  • Fruits Collected: 0
  • Pikmin:
  • Reds: 21

Day 2: Garden of Hope

The day started out simple. I raised a few pikmin and built a bridge. I was nervous to fight the red Bulborb, but I killed it without losing any pikmin. I continued and found Brittany, then I started to carry the Sunseed Berry. I went into the nearby cave with only a quarter of my time gone. Once I freed the rock pikmin from the Medusal Slurker, I raised my rock pikmin to the maximum that I could, still with a little more than half of the day left. I broke some walls and freed Brittany. Got another Sunseed Berry, along with a Face Wrinkler. With the remaining time I had left, I raised more pikmin and started to get a Zest Bomb, but I ran out of time.


  • Fruits Collected: 3
  • Pikmin:
  • Reds: 82
  • Rocks: 28

Day 3: Garden of Hope

I started by taking out all of my rocks and all the reds that I could. I went to the broken bridge and threw all of my pikmin and Brittany across. I repaired the bridge and started up the trail, finding a data file from Olimar. I then walked into the cave to fight the Armored Mawdad. I lost 14 pikmin in the process :(. Everything was being carried back. While this was happening, I walked back to base and finished carrying the Zest Bomb. Everything else was carried back. I had nothing really to do, so I just ended the day.


  • Fruits Collected: 5
  • Pikmin:
  • Reds: 71
  • Rocks: 75

Day 4: Distant Tundra

Ok, before we start this day, I laughed at Brittany's comment before going into the area. Alph said "Aw, thanks... They don't call me the keen engineer for nothing." Then Brittany replies with "Nobody calls you that." Alph finishes with "I know..." I just had to laugh. Anyway, let's get into the gameplay! So, we are about the land, but Alph crashes the ship and Brittany falls out... COME ON ALPH, YOU HAD ONE JOB!!! Anyway, now I discover yellow Pikmin! I learn some facts (nothing I didn't already know) and I raised 25, then pushed the iron ball down. I walked outside, and looked around. I took the path opposite of the Crystal and killed a swooping snitchbug. I started to destroy an electric gate and then I switched over to control Alph. I took out all the Pikmin that I could and brought them under the bridge and to the arrow thing. By the time I got there, the yellows finished breaking the gate. I had some yellows dig up a 5-pellet while I swapped Pikmin with Alph. I had Alph use the yellows to dig up some dirt tunnel while Brittany used the rest to go past the gate and defeat enemies, then obtain the bridge pieces. On Alph's side, I went through the tunnel and started to break the gate there. I took Brittany to the Crystal that I passed at the beginning, and now with rock Pikmin, I destroyed it and collected the bridge pieces from there. I switched back to Alph and went through the gate. Going right, I took back the bridge pieces right out in the open. Brittany's Pikmin went to Alph, giving Alph all the pikmin. I had the reds and rocks dig through another dirt thing. I broke the Crystal gate and killed the pyroclasmic slooches (that's seriously the name...) and I brought back the Sunseed berry and the bridge pieces. While carrying things back, I had some complications with a skeeterskate (come on Nintendo, you can't think of better names?) and then the bridge was complete! I brought back a cupid's grenade that I missed somehow, then the day was about to end, so I collected any remaining pikmin and reunited Alph and Brittany. I ended the day, but 2 yellow Pikmin were left behind, oh well. That was a long day!


  • Fruits Collected: 7
  • Pikmin:
  • Reds: 68
  • Rocks: 79
  • Yellows: 32

Day 5: Distant Tundra

Starting off this day by bringing out 35 reds, 35 rocks, and 30 yellows. Not sure what I have planned for today. I went to the wall close to the bridge and broke it down,killing the Bearded Amprat in the process. Realizing I didn't need to go there, I went toward the area with the metal ball that needed 20 pikmin to push. Once they finally got there, I split Alph and Brittany and had Brittany take Yellows, while Alph took the rest. Using the yellows, I brought the Velvety Dreamdrop back, while Alph tossed Brittany up the ledge along with some Reds, and the metal ball was pushed, clearing a path. Taking back a cupid's grenade, I went inside. I fought enemies and brought back a Citrus Lump. Going forward, I fought some Skitter Leafs and an Arctic Cannon Larva. I kept going and realized I was about to fight the Vehemoth Phosbat. Lighting up the room showed the boss, and it ran away. I chased it to the next room. All you have to do is light up the room little by little, then charge at it when it goes down. I sadly missed one opportunity to charge it, but that was okay. As for the bridge, use one pile of pieces, then toss the other captain over, with some pikmin. I lit up the whole room before time ran out, and 6 pikmin got left behind because the pikmin all got dispatched at the last second. Gah.


  • Fruits Collected: 10
  • Pikmin:
  • Reds: 66
  • Rocks: 76
  • Yellows: 31