Vite Pit

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Pikmin 3 (Flish version)
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Vite Pit is most likely the first cave with Vites that you will find. The three kinds of Vites here are the only ones in game. the Bomb Vite and Pikmin Vite are found on every sublevel. The Carnivorous Vite is the boss of the cave. The cave is most likely the first you will enter in Hidden Bog, and its only hazards are fire. Though an early boss, the Carnivorous Vite will use some thinking skills to figure out how to kill. All the sublevels except the last one are themed as a sewer pipe.


Sublevel 1

The First sublevel is pretty straight forward. its a giant circle with three treasures scattered about, and the entrance to the next sublevel. A Bomb vite and a Pikmin Vite are the only enemies here, making it a level 2 danger.

Sublevel 2

This sublevel is Full of Fire Geysers, but These can be a big danger to Pikmin that aren't red if a Pikmin Vite comes along. its made of several tight tunnels, all leading into larger domes. there are only 2 treasures here, one inside a Pikmin Vite and the Other will Fall out of no-where. There is only one Bomb Vite here, and Several Pikmin Vites. There is also two Violet Candypop Buds.

Sublevel 3

Here, there is a bunch of small tunnels and a small dome were the Dolphin's Updated Pod lands. all the tunnels lead to a slightly wider tunnel, blocked by 3 fire geysers that lead into a larger dome. It seems empty at first, but then, once you approach the center, an elongated shadow appears and the Carnivorous Vite Lands. It roars first, then, its mouth works as a vaccum and it sucks up pikmin. its too high for you pikmin to reach its body, so you have to sacrafice your purples. when it sucks them up, it will do its swallow animation, only to have to purples get stuck in it's throat. It will fall over. this is your time to attack. after about 10 seconds, it will spit out all the pikmin it ate. if you take an army of 90 reds and 10 purples you will be able to defeat it in 2-3 knock-downs. when it loses all health, it will stumble around a bit, then twirl on one leg, fall over, and shrink down to the size of an average vite.