Warsect family

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The warsect family consists of insects known for their strong shells and, more notably, the weapon-like instruments on them.


Common Cutterbug

Common Cutterbug.jpg
Main article: Common Cutterbug

Common Cutterbugs are docile creatures that attack their predators to defend themselves. On the front end of the Common Cutterbug's shell is a blade-like instrument it uses to stab and slice its attackers.

Greater Cutterbug

Greater Cutterbug.jpg
Main article: Greater Cutterbug

The Greater Cutterbug is the largest and the most dangerous member of the warsect family. Like the Common Cutterbug, it is a docile creature that doesn't attack unless it is threatened, and uses blades to defend itself.

Heavy Cutterbug

Heavy Cutterbug.jpg
Main article: Heavy Cutterbug

Heavy Cutterbugs are unique from other warsects in that the weapon they use is separate from their shells.