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Community Guide


Welcome to Pikmin Fanon! As a new user you might be confused, scared, or even lonesome. This page will help you to get acquainted with the site known as Pikmin Fanon.

What is a "Wiki"?

A "Wiki" is a website that runs off of MediaWiki. It has a system of organization like Wikipedia. It is an Encyclopedia software that anyone can edit, as long as the local Adminisrators agree. And so, what this means for Pikmin Fanon is that any coding you should find on Wikipedia or any NIWA Wiki can usually work here. HTML, BBC, or any other coding found off of Forums or Websites will not work.

I don't know how to edit pages!

If you don't know how to edit pages, you can't make Pikmin Fan Games. Fret not because there's an app- err Help Page for that!

What is Pikmin Fanon?

Pikmin Fanon is the website you are on, but it is also Fanon Relating to Pikmin. So what is fanon? Fanon is a term coined in by the general society on the internet. The actual word is a contraction of the word Fan Fiction but has its own meaning. Fan Fiction is usually short stories written by Fans of an existing series. But Fanon is, in our case, pretend video games of an existing series. So we make up the concepts of Pikmin video games, even though we tend to go much further than the probable Pikmin Series. An example of such extremes would be the Buildup Trilogy, a combination of three games and its superior, Pikmin: Ultimate Doom.

I want to make a Fan Game!

If you want to make a fan game, please read this section for details and help on your game's general layout.

  1. Prior to starting, It is a good idea to look around at other people's games to see the widely accepted layouts. Looking through the Buildup Trilogy is a good starting idea because those games were tuned to perfection. It is the only guaranteed 'perfect layout', but looking at the rest of the games should give you good ideas as well.
  2. Once you have acquainted yourself with some games on the site, you should begin thinking of ideas for the game. What does the game feature? What is the storyline? What twists to the Pikmin series will it add? And more specifically, What are the enemies in the game? All of these questions and more should be taken into account before your idea will be ready for a game format.
  3. After the basic ideas for the game are collected, It is time to work on a title. Remember, you make the game's article as if it was real, so you need to patch up any inconsistencies in your game's ideas. Try to make the title relevant to the subject of the game. "Dinosaurs in Candyland with Pikmin" is not a good name for a game dealing with two dinosaurs in the entire story and no candy, and quite frankly, the name is bad. It is unoriginal, but using "Pikmin: _______" is the commonly used structure of the Pikmin Fan Games' titles.
  4. When the title is in your mind along with the ideas, it is time to create the article. The Game Infobox should be put first in the article unless you already have a Game Banner. If you have a game banner made specifically for your new game, put it first before the Infobox and the article's content. If you don't have a banner skip that and later you can ask for one. (preferably make one) Then you need to write the beginning paragraph of the article starting below the Infobox's syntax. It should start with something like this: '''Your game name here''' is a ________ (what genre) that was developed by ________ and produced by _______.
    1. What follows should be reasons that make the game unique and miscellaneous info. Note that the sentence above is recommended for the article because without it, there is no introduction.
  5. After, you should keep cleaning up and improving the content of your game. A basic structure of a Pikmin Fanon game should consist of the following:
    1. A Piklopedia-like enemy page
    2. A Treasure Hoard-like collectibles and/or treasure page (ship parts if relevant)
    3. Areas
    4. New Pikmin (2 usually is a balanced amount)
    5. Possibly new captains
    6. A storyline
    7. The game modes featured
    8. And any other bit of information, like trivia or developer's notes.
  6. Your game will be sucessfull if you continue to correct grammar, spelling and continuity errors. You need to also continue to use in-depth details and layout the Storyline in such a way that users will enjoy reading it. Also, using the new enemy page layout for your articles on the enemies of your game is a good practice and users will tend to accept your game better.